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Wolfpack 4.2 AAR

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Wolfpack 4.2 AAR
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On Sat I was lucky enough to get to Wolfpack in Leeds despite my stupid sat nav trying desperately to throw me off the scent.

As per usual my memories are probably all over the place, however unusually I was sporting a back injury from the beginning of the week so my energy levels were much more subdued, however it did give me chance to watch others and my daughter and take in more of the bigger picture and I still enjoyed myself immensely.

From what I can remember we kicked off by splitting the horde of kids into 4 then playing winner stays on freeze tag for a few rounds. Splitting the teams made the indoor pitch we were playing on comparatively large and the cover more than ample and the rounds were nice and quick. I really like freeze tag, it may be my favourite game I've played so far as the successful teams tend to be the ones that work for each each other regardless of comparative firepower.. And so it was at Wolfpack. The original Blue team (team one, I think) managed to somehow continuously soak up the initial charges of their opponents then counter and win each time, even when all the adults acted as ringers for the opposition! We eventually knocked them off by having teams 2-4 join forces.. Honestly even then I thought they were gonna bring it back lol.

My daughter was a member of team 1.  *proud*.

I can't remember the order of the rest of the games but we went through..
HvZ - the britnerfers/adults circled the wagons in the corner and intimidated the red indians/kids away.. Although somehow they'd always get one through our lines.
Flux - where a kid introduced me to the interesting tactic of sitting on the token Smile
Android - I just remember torrential dart falls on those kids
Terminator - adults get to smoosh the kids like skulls under terminators feet! (.. And after all.. Isn't that the true spirit of Nerf?)
3 life team death match - I only lost one!  I think that may have been when some lad launched a mega at close range into the small of my back.. And (as I found out in the car ride on the way home) that may have been because my daughter had engaged in some 'my dad is better than yours' Banter with some of the other kids.
A final free for all where BGUK brought the foam hail with his daredevil pistol Smile

Considering I was a little out of it, with me poor decrepit back and all, I had a great time and it was interesting playing in the different environment. In pretty much each game you had definite front lines drawn. I would let everyone charge upfield form the line then pick where I was going to join the fight, or lob darts from where I was as 50% of the pitch was in range of my blasters. Occasionally you'd get someone try and charge through and typically they would get cut down but if they made it they would be lethal in turning and putting darts in the back of their enemies front line. It made the game feel much more.. Probably getting the wrong words.. Zonal, much more like a team sport. I can see the angle Jangulaur is going for with his 5v5 stuff with this. I didn't think it would translate but it does.

Anyway, what I would say is that wolfpack is, like I think BGUK has explicitly aimed for from the off, very successful as an event that gets kids involved in organised exercise in a fun way. I don't know whether it's the arena or the ethos of the event but I think more so than the other events I think my daughter was interacting with the other kids and forming battlefield alliances/friendships which was very cool.

Notes from myself:
Nerf team vs team on a 'pitch' or in an arena really does work and gives a different spin on the hobby than the more varied environments other wars offer.
Something is definitely up with my Modulus' performance. I need to strip it down and inspect/measure everything.
The masterkeyed Roughcut with four dart opening barrage is still an awesome blunderbuss at short range and cluster bomb at mid range. Awesome sauce.
You can still have a great time at a Nerf war at a more sedate pace lol.
Daughter's FF is my successful performance mod to date. I'm actually jealous of it though she has now come to truly claim it as her weapon Smile

Thanks to BGUK for having me and it was very nice to meet him and Mrs BGUK in the flesh. I wish I'd had time to stick about for a chat but it was well past bed time for the lil one by the time I got back as it was! Look forward to seeing you again!

Edit: Just remembered in the free for all picking up the attentions of a little girl who spent the entire round following me around shooting me none stop until I was hid in a corner hiding behind a shield Smile

If there was any other way of doing this without being the biggest damn hero you have ever met..  I'd still do this.
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