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Newisland blaster bulk order
Discord Chat Monday 26th June 9pm
WTS, having a massive clear out
Battle of BritNerf 2017 - Sponsored by FDT
Jase 3D MO
Anyone else staying at Premier Inn? Or close by.
People with 3D printers
WTB: stock Stryfe Flywheels
If this comes out here I want some...
Battle of Britain Bring and Buy Sale
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A NERF forum to support the community in the UK.
Latest Articles
Discord Chat Monday 26th June 9pm
Not had one for a while, so with BoB looming I thought it was time.
As usual if you don't have Doscord PM me for the link. Boff might record this again for those who are working?
War roundup
BoB pre game frothing
Motor updates
Workbench chat- lots of you are working on interesting stuff!
Newisland blaster bulk order
Hi all,
I am now able to get hold of the new newisland field Blaster (see link below) for 25. Please let me know if you are interested. I will then ship to you for the going royal mail rate or deliver for free at Bistol Blast.

Please send me the initial 25 to if you are interested! Deadline is the 30th of June. ...
Battle of BritNerf 2017 - Sponsored by FDT

We are excited to (more formally) announce that the BritNerf Battle of Britain (or Battle of BritNerf) main sponsor is Foam Dart Thunder!

We appreciate Foam Dart Thunders involvement in this project as it is a new venture for us all, and is a step beyond where any of us have taken Nerf events before.

So what can you expect from having Foam Dart Thunder involved in this exciting venture..... to find out i'm afraid you'll ...
Jase 3D MO
Order has been despatched
People with 3D printers
Hi Guys, (and girls although there isn't much evidence of it still)

I'm just wondering if any of you 3D printer guys would be able to/want to print me a little doodad. It's a simple box frame for a small OLED screen I have.

If you are willing, could you let me know the costs involved, if it's like 20 I'll do without Smile
If this comes out here I want some...
For anyone whose first port of call for Nerf news is here and hasn't seen yet - these take rival stick mags and it removes the issue with gravity feeding. Coop did a review on it too so it's clearly doing the rounds that side of the Nerf world.
WTB: stock Stryfe Flywheels
If anyone's got a set of stock Stryfe Flywheels left over in their spares bin I'm after a pair to bring a barricade up to modern dart standards.
Let me know how much you'd be looking for for them and P&P.
Hooligan flywheels
Ok troops expect a pm regards postage costs.
We got hit with 8 quid handling charge and 35 quid vat.

Doesn't work out too bad.
I'm gonna ask one thing, someone's order got missed, it's been dispatched now. Obviously they'll pay they're own vat but are going to get stung with an 8 quid charge all on their own.
I'm going to add 50p on to everyone's total to help share the load if that's ok. If you'd rather not , that's totally Cool. Just knock 50p off the price I quote.

The price include ...
WTB: MTB Rhinos
As title. Looking for a pair of Rhinos, asap.
WTS, having a massive clear out
After my failed attempt to reduce collection last time ( ended up buying more blasters than I sold) I've decided to have a major clear out and only keep what I intend to use in the foreseeable future. At the moment I have the following for sale.

Barricade 5
Element 5
Elite Alpha Trooper 7 sold
Flipfury 7
Furyfire 5
Hailfire 15
Havoc Fire 20
Hyperfire 15
Longstrike 15 sold
Lumitron 8
Magnus 8
Maverick 5
Nitron 10 (3 available)
Praxis 8 (3 available)
Proton 5 (3 ava ...
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