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Bristol Blast 12 - August 26th
Bristol Blast 11 - July 29th
Show off your Vintage Blasters!
Bargain Hunting
The Man with the Golden Gun
Used Darts Warning
MOSFET Elite Blue Stryfe
WTS a couple things!
Bullpup Nemesis mod blog
Having trouble with pics
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A NERF forum to support the community in the UK.
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Bristol Blast 11 - July 29th
For those traveling down from the northern side of Bristol / M32 to Downend please be aware:

Major maintenance work to the southern Bromley Heath Viaduct on the A4174 ring road, between the Bromley Heath roundabout and the Hambrook traffic lights

When: Starting on 22-23 July 2017

How long for: For A FRIKKIN YEAR!

Please be aware guys this looks like hell: ...
Bargain Hunting
Bought two brand new Rebelle Revolution bows from Home bargains for only £7 each still in packaging
But missing the arrows, as some scrout had stole them, with any eye to get replacements, cue two months later, I spied an auction on ebay.
Four brand new packs of Rebelle arrows (12) and two more arrows a door hanging storage thing all for £9.50 oh and another bow which was missing the bow string.

My Daughters love em
The Man with the Golden Gun
Ok, most of us have all played that seminal classic Goldeneye on the N64 while huddled round a tiny TV screen with a bunch of mates. And those that have played this multiplayer classic will no doubt remember the golden gun: one hit = insta-death.

So here it is, but for Nerf:

Be the last person standing

Number of players:
As many as you want, itís every man for himself!

Equipment needed:
A start point for every player.
Fairly small game map, with lots of cover
Singl ...
Used Darts Warning
I guess most of you will already know to do this but:

Check any used darts you get before using them!

I just got about 30 darts with a Shpock purchase i just made, i get 90% of my blasters used and normally i stick all the used darts into a bag to use at GuN or FDT. However today i decided to run them though the slingfire they came with. Two of them didnt fly right, on closer inspection the kid who had them last had put BB's in them!

If i hadnt have fired them off i would not have known ...
MOSFET Elite Blue Stryfe
Blaster for sale!

-Elite Blue Stryfe
-130A MOSFET loom
-16awg main feeds
-18awg signal wires
-DC2 microswitch
-BSUK extended magazine release + 180 cover (cover is not altered to be slimmer for 132)
-Stock cage and wheels
-Expanded battery tray with floor expansion
-Flywheels service plug (deans)
-Fang 3S 132 motors

PM me if you're interested, I'll discuss price privately.

Note- (lead times on postage may occur as I am running around the country for the next week or two)

Bullpup Nemesis mod blog

So, what have I been up to?

i got very annoyed at trying to epoxy the standard slightly rubbery butt plate on and looked around. A Praxis stock looked tempted, so I took the of that off and bolted it, then epoxied and puttied around that to secure it.

Added a battery door so that I don't have to take it apart every time I want to remove the batter pack. Its temporary, but seems to work well - the M3 screws face outwards and are gorilla glued to the inside of the shell an ...
Britnerf Discord Chat Archive
Monday 17th July 2017
Having trouble with pics
Hi due to photofucket comiting corporate suicide,
Ive decided to set up an Imgur account, i've done this but when I copy the link into my posts here I can't get it to show the image, what am I doing wrong lol


Show off your Vintage Blasters!
Swith Shot Max

WTS a couple things!
Yep, per unit.

Editing to say I'd be willing to ship them all for £30.

Edited with updated inventory
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