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Come introduce yourselves!
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Come introduce yourselves!
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The Dealer

Joined: 08 Dec 2012
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Fav. Blaster: (Modified) Stampede ECS
Location: Bristol, UK

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Welcome to the forum chap, hope to see you at a war soon - there's one on Saturday in Bristol. Mandatory notice that the Sunday event is strictly 16+, however. Smile

Boff: Managing Director, Blastersmiths UK & BUZAN Founder (formerly)
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Junior Member

Joined: 13 Dec 2016
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Location: Cambridge/Durham

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Hai, new here. my time's split between Cambridgeshire and County Durham, and I got into Nerf last year as part of my uni's Assassins' soc, and being an engineering student I immediately started tinkering with my blasters.

The fruits of my labour so far:

- Ultra-Tek 8, sprayed with Humbrol acrylics and a Humbrol satin varnish which has proved incredibly hard-wearing, even on the priming slide. Not internally modded because it turns out that orange barrel is solvent-welded on Sad Still outperforms almost everything at the society though, aside from our notorious FresherFinders
- Doublestrike, used to test some shell modification techniques. I found that using a thin layer of Humbrol model filler creates an ideal surface for polyfilla to adhere to, making a very cheap way to fill in relatively large regions. The paint on this one is a Plasticote purple with Halfords glitter spray in alternating layers to attempt to build up a 'metallic' finish. It came out ok but I'm not sure it was worth the effort. Grip was initially painted with random black and white stripes, then thinly sprayed with brown to get a wood grain effect.
- Stryfe, my baby right now. Stock motors but a full rewire with silicon-insulated 18AWG. Currently connected to a 7.2V NiMH pack I had lying around. I'd like to replace it with a hard shell 2S LiPo, but I can't really justify the expense just for the one blaster. Relubricated everything. The custom stock was both a necessity (for the battery) and an experiment in fabrication - the angle means it's really comfortable and the thing is held at the perfect height for me to see down the red-dot sight, and the weight distribution is actually really nice since it's all near your centre of mass when turning. I need to do a few more things before painting it - it needs a cover for the bottom of the grip, since I cannibalised the sling mount to add a second mount to the stock, and I'm going to be filling in the shark's teeth and some of the other hard lines on the shell. I'd like to design and print a foregrip for it but I haven't found the time yet.
- X-shot 6-dart whatevertheycallit, bought in a four pack, spring doubled, barrel wobble fixed and relubricated, currently seeing how good a finish I can get with brush paints - it's taking ages

- Technically my first commission, I suppose. Belongs to another member of the society who was handed it on for free, it was completely useless when he gave it to me - the darts just jammed in the membrane over the flywheel cage. Looking inside, it looked as if some of the wiring had been burnt at some stage - in the factory perhaps? - so I stripped everything out and rewired it, still on the stock batteries, which got it back up to proper working order, then gutted the battery tray so it can take another NiMH 7.2v pack, same as the Stryfe. Currently waiting for its colour coat. That red button is a battery cutoff switch. Other than that it's wired live centre with interlocking rev trigger, pretty standard stuff.

Nothing special compared to what some people have been getting up to, but I consider myself as just warming up Twisted Evil
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Game Organiser

Joined: 28 May 2014
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Welcome Chris!


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New Member

Joined: 15 Mar 2017
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Location: Bristol

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Thanks, slightly gutted that work calls so won't be able to make this weekend but aiming to be at the April blast.
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New Member

Joined: 05 Apr 2017
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Location: Berlin

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Hi guys,

this is Chris from Berlin, Germany. I quite recently switched jobs and am now working for an amazing tech company. Amazing? Why? you ask! Well, amazing in so many ways. One reason is, that the entire company is goes bananas over Nerf guns. While each employee is provided with a regular six shooter Strongarm most of my colleagues own bigger guns. I now own a Rapidstrike CS18 (without the XD).
Being a natural born hacker, or rather a Tim Allen like character form that 90's tv show Home Improvement, I try to get more power in all my appliances. So it comes as no surprise that in my search for Nerf gun greatness I would come across your neat little community.

I already got the power mod sets (wiring, hellcats and honey badger) and extended motor cover from BSUK and Mike's documentation as well as Tom's videos from Foam Data Services have been a huge help in avoiding having the lipo explode in my face.

I have run into trouble none the less which I will post in the Q&A Forum as it best seems fit. Anyways me needing help was being the primary reason to sign up. I already strolled around the forum for a few days and admired all the different builds. I am very happy to have found you and hope the forum will keep on going.

Ok then, hope the rant wasn't too bad. Thanks for taking me on board. Looking forward to exchanging ideas with y'all.


Opinions are my own.
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Robb Wolfman
New Member

Joined: 05 Apr 2017
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Fav. Blaster: Nerf Demolisher
Location: Medway/Rochester

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Hi All,

Have previously posted on the Britnerf forums under Robb Youth Worker, but wanted to say hi outside of my professional capacity as a youth worker.

After running Nerf wars in my youth centres and local youth, community and social clubs, I will soon be running my own independent Nerf business, delivering hirings for parties, social groups and corporate etc. I am looking to take Nerf to as many different venues and audiences as possible whilst re-investing money into my business to upgrade the equipment and blasters/ammo.

Currently running in medway Kent outside of the youth centres, wondering if there are any local groups who want to get involved in running some larger scale Nerf events ages 8 upwards. Looking to cater some local events for different ages and audiences to a growing need for Nerf in the area.

Great to continue talking to you all again and hope to make Nerf events more accessible and tailored to the medway community.

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Site Owner

Joined: 08 Feb 2012
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Location: London

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Welcome new people. Looking forward to seeing some new content from you all.

Robb, I keep meaning to come down to Medway for that beer we discussed. Excited to see some of your events pop in the coming months.

Check out my YouTube Channel.

Visit the UK Nerf blog.

I also have a Website

[quote="OldNoob:38837"]Remember if a mod guide has no performance test figures to back it up, look for a better one![/quote]
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Junior Member

Joined: 18 Apr 2017
Posts: 33
Fav. Blaster: Nitefinder/Firestrike & Whistlers
Location: Leeds/Bradford

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Hi Everyone!

I'm Stuart from Leeds/ Bradford.

I've been a Nerf fan for the last 8 years, ever since I got recommended a nitefinder and maverick with whistler darts as stress relief/office larks.
Heaven knows I didn't need another expensive hobby but hey, here we are!
I've got two boys who also love to shoot dad with darts so while I've never actually done a Nerf war I've actually got a reasonable loadout even got tactical gear as I usually ended up carrying all the guns on the way home so holsters were a cool way to do that.

A fellow Nerf dad 'challenged' me to both get organised and get to a Grim Up Nerf event so here I am starting to get organised.

Rampage (w/ stockade stock) [sling mount]
Strongarm [right drop leg]
Hammershot [left drop leg]
Firestrike [belt holster]
latest addition: Stryfe [working on left drop leg/sling mount]

I've also got these which are relegated to 'just for fun'.
Mega CycloneShock

Following advice I guess I'm going to need to dust off my rollerblading kneepads as well then!

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New Member

Joined: 24 Jun 2017
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Location: Nottingham

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Hi All,

I'm dad of two boys (5 and 6) based in Nottingham. Have been stalking the forums for around 4 months as began to mod some blasters and used a few guides so thought it was about time i registered.My two boys wanted to film Nerf battles and thats sort of how our youtube channel has began, they were pretty stoked with the Star Wars cross over.

The main reason for registering is to get some more information on mods and in the next year or so i think they are going to be interested it going to Nerf wars much like in the USA.

Here's a pic of what we have so far :

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