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WTT a worker retaliator pump grip

I would like to trade or sell my retaliator pump grip or swap for a hammershot or a galvinfuzzy par kit or something else if you want.PM me for offers and swaps.

Pics would help

sorry need to take them

EDIT #1:
its gone now anyway sorry ill end the post

EDIT #2:
can you remove the post so no-one gets confuzed then


Nope, I think I'll leave it here as an example of how not to post. See the Code of Conduct and please respect this forum. Vomiting out posts without capitalisation, grammar or punctuation of any kind looks awful and makes it a pain to read.

In future, please edit your posts rather than double posting, it keeps the place tidy and we're not then wading through post after post after post. If you have a moderation request like deleting a thread or editing the thread title then please drop one of the Admins a PM.

Topic locked.


       BRIT NERF Forum Index -> Trading
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