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WTS: selection of blasters'n'bits

All in excellent condition unless indicated. Photos can be provided of everything - PM me to arrange me sharing some via Google docs.

The prices are an attempt to provide some fair deals for Britnerfers. Happy to discuss if you think they are wide of the mark but not interested in a comparison with Shpock prices - if you've seen better quality and price on there then go for it.....

I'd prefer to avoid postage if possible but appreciate not everyone lives near Leeds or comes to Grim up Nerf (perhaps this is the excuse you need) so we'll have to come to an arrangement about sending stuff.

Demolisher - 10

Slingstrike - 3

Also some accessories - 3 a piece?

White Retaliator barrel - has had the nubs removed to enable it to fit a worker pump grip
Blue Retaliator barrel
Modulus scope (from the modulus blaster box set)
Modulus stealth ops barrel
Modulus stock (from the modulus blaster box set)
The Dark Kitten

Interested in the cam...but am broke and will cause controversy.
Oh well.
If it lasts there until GuN Jan then ill grab it off you

If you are serious and not 'tyre kicking' then i'll hold it for you.

That is a nice paintjob on that rayven :3
Interested by the slingfire and rampage, unfortunately I'm way down in West Sussex. PM you to discuss?

I'm happy to post. Just want to work out with the buyer the cheapest option so everyone is happy. PM to discuss.
The Dark Kitten

old_man_nerf wrote:
If you are serious and not 'tyre kicking' then i'll hold it for you.

Yes deadly serious.
Hope to 180 it and give it a nice hydrodip. Probably something in the place of the camera. Those ammo counters looks nice

Aesthetically it is a great shape for a blaster - i'll hold it for you until the next GuN you can make.

A few extra blasters added to the original post and some accessories.

Some sweet deals,

Ive pm'd you regards the modulus folding fore grip and strike and defend stock.

Listing updated and a couple of new blasters and various parts for sale added.

How much for the spectre barrel?

Wanted - a Centurion magazine. Happy to swap/part exchange with stuff for sale.

Can I have the Rotofury?

Just bumping as a few more bits/blasters being offered for sale.

I'll have the Atlas too if it's still there!

Fine by me! You know where I am 😀

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