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WTS: Raider / Stampede

After a recent find on Gumtree, I've a Raider and a Stampede I'd like to offload.

Raider - £5 (no stock or mag) + postage or I can bring along to Bristol Blast 4 if you are going
EDIT - Raider barrel sold.... if you want any of the rest let me know... likely to be going in the bin so if you want any spares off it PM me.

In the interest of being honest, this is a terrible blaster, it's probably only good for the shell and perhaps some internal bits. †It looks like the previous owner(s) smashed the breach (a lot) and it's been squished and so the darts just fart out of it.

You can see the squished bit here.

Stampede - £15 ono (comes with shield and bi-pod, no mag though) + postage or I can bring along to Bristol Blast 4 if you are going

This looks to be in stock working order, fires pretty well on fresh batteries. †Everything works.

I've put an 18 mag through both of these, so they do work (just not the best performances).

I have no idea how much postage is, so I shall be investigating that over the next day or so.

Please send me a PM if interested. †If I haven't had any interest by this time next week I'll be sticking these on Fleabay.


I'll take the Raider barrel for a couple of quid....

Just PM'd you Franksie...

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