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WTS Miranda, bits and bobs

Need to offload a bunch of things, list as below;

RS with the stock cut off - 8 Picture here
3x 12 Mags - 5 each
8x Demolisher missiles - 2.50 each

Prices include shipping, but if you want to negotiate or something just drop me a PM.

Blasters do not come with mags or accessories unless otherwise noted. After a while if there is no interest these will be going on eBay.

Might be interested in the Rebelle mags -need to check how many the girls have now....

Is the price per unit or bundle? (I think I know.. Just checking)

Yep, per unit.

Editing to say I'd be willing to ship them all for 30.

Edited with updated inventory

does the RS work?

It worked as normal with alkalines in, all I've done to it is slice the butt off, as below.

Picture added to first post.

Inventory updated.

If you're OK to wait until a week Monday for payment I'll take the Mirandas off your hands.

If nobody turns up with a Royal Blue one, then I will hold it for you for next week.

Edit: Miranda gone and Inventory updated.

I also have a Mastodon that is currently disassembled awaiting a rewire, don't really have the heart for it so will consider selling, drop a PM if interested.

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