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WTS hyperfire without belt,& other blasters / accesorys

Updated what is still available below.
You can find them on ebay also, here is one of the links

in total I have:
hyperfire(no belt drive) --------------------Sold
Centurion (with extra clip & 10 darts)---------------Sold
demolisher (6 clip, stock, 2 damaged missiles) ----------Sold
Modulus (normal stock, grip, 6 clip)
rebelle rapid glow(with glow clip & 6 glow darts)----------holding
Sonic fire strongarm
normal strongarm
blue barrel break
Deploy(maybe someone will want it....) -------------Sold


2x rayven firefly mags
modulus longrange barrel
recon red dot
modulus scope
modulus bi pod
ion fire front barrel
blue longstrike sight
sonic ice retaliator stock
Raider stock
end to end clip connecter
2x 40 round boomco clips w/ 40 darts

I'd be tempted but 10 plus for a non functional spares and repairs blaster that was 23 delivered at Xmas is a bit rich for my tastes.. Having said that I haven't checked what they are shifting for at the mo so this may be more than fair.


Mandatory reminder that the seller sets the price. If you don't like it, don't buy it. -Boff


Its not spares and repairs.
Its an awesome modding opportunity if you want to integrate shells or put a superior rapidstrike pusher in it.

Fairplay matey. I like your patter and if it's still around after awhile then I may think on it some more. Best of luck otherwise!

PM inbound

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