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WTS Huge selection of blasters

After buying far too many blasters in the first 6 months of being in the hobby, Iíve come to the realisation that Iím never going to get the chance to mod half of what Iíve collected, so looking to reduce my collection by about half to begin with. So here it is:
1 x pyragon £10
3 x proton £4 each
1x nitron £10
1 x lumitron £8
2 x praxis (with stock) £10 each
1 x 10 round vortex mags £3

2 x magnus £8 each
1 x sonic longstrike with barrel £30
1 x element (K26 spring fitted) £10
3 x firestrike £4 each
2 x stockade £5 each

3 x 10 round banana mag £7 each
3 x modulus stock £3 each
1 x recon stock £3
2 x modulus grip £3 each

No mags or accessories included unless stated.

Also looking to buy/trade
clear 18 round rapidstrike mags (can trade for full orange stampede 18s)
1 x stock from a super soaker lightning storm

PM inbound.

I'll take a Pyragon off you at the next DSS, if you're prepared to wait.

OP edited with update lists to buy and sell

I've got a super soaker lightening storm stock. Will send you a PM.

Does the Longstrike come with the barrel attachment ?

Got in on a Pyragon and the Revonix, just to give a heads up until OP is updated. Thanks sparky for getting it packaged up so quickly.

Thanks for that Dilinski, OP updated now.

Werzieq both longstrikes come with the barrel attachments but unfortunately I didn't get the sights with them

Could I add the Furyfire (BTW which colour is it?) and the Sonic Barricade to the Pyragon that you're bringing to the june DSS please?

Edit: Thanks Sparky

I'll check when I get home but pretty sure it's orange and not a problem adding to the Pyragon

What's the shipping to Malta for the longstrikes ? And for just the barrel attachment ?

Don't want to separate the attachment from the blaster but if you pm me your postage details I'll get a quote for you.

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