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Welsh Mullet

WTS Clearout and Dupes

Evening all, got some blasters I want to sell.
I'm in Cardiff if you're thinking of picking up, and will be going to Bristol Blast 4.

3 x Strongarm [3]
1 x OJ Stryfe [8]
2 x Raider [3]
2 x Nerf Vest (Elite) [3] (Can fill with 6 clips for extra)
1 x Rampage [10]
1 x Recon MK2 complete [10]
1 x Recon MK2 blaster only [5]
2 x Retaliator blaster only [5]
1 x Demolisher blaster only [10]

1 x Tri-strike missile launcher
1 x Maverick
1 x Complete recon
1 x Longshot front gun
1 x Jolt
1 x Mega Magnus
1 x Firestrike
2 x Green furyfire

++ Assorted mags if you're looking for 10s,12s, or 6s

I'll be adding more after I've had a chance to go through some boxes

EDIT: Adding some quick initial prices, I might revise a few of them and I'm open to haggling!

EDIT 2: Dropping the prices a bit, as suggested below. Postage will likely be via the cheapest courier I can find, which looks to be about 3 for parcels up to 2kg, but will have to confirm. I'll add pictures soon. I might put some of them up in other places though, as I was hoping to get more for some of them.

EDIT 3: Dropping prices again, will be available through BB5 and BB6, but I will also now be putting all items up for sale in other places. I'll add a picture post down below.

EDIT 4: Someone new replied, so adding a few things that have come my way recently! May be more shortly if I can find a way to go pick some more stuff up from nearby.

EDIT 5: Adding more new stuff, keep your eyes peeled for more as I want to try and thin my collection a little.

EDIT 6: Adding more stuff, no prices as yet but feel free to offer. Feel free to offer on any of it, sort of just want to shift some of this stuff now!

Let me know a price on the Magnus please

Is the Nerf vest elite or n-strike?

FYI the Rotofury retails new at that price.

Same for the stryfe
Welsh Mullet

The vest is an Elite (blue) vest

Broz: I had a quick look and could only find it retailing at 35, where is it 25?
Franksie: And for the Stryfe the cheapest I could see new was 20

But as I've said, I'm open to offers

Your prices are about 40% too optimistic. I could walk into Argos now and pick up a brand new stryfe and EAT for 30 quid total. On general principle I'm not paying that close to RRP for used goods. Blindgeek just picked up 7 blasters for 25 which included a stryfe, speedswarm and 3 strong arms

Got to agree with Franksie, the prices are more than I'd expect to pay for blasters in an unknown state.

Stryfe can be had, new in box, with an 18 clip set from John Lewis for 20, or 2 for 30 from argos, and given I suspect the 5x5's were picked up when they were 3.99, 10 each is ridiculous, and even 10 for both is a 25% mark up.

While the offer was appreciated, I'm going to pass
Welsh Mullet

I based the prices off a quick search into what the blasters were listed at second hand online. Is there a better way of determining what prices I should be putting than that? I've not done this before so wasn't quite sure. I'll look into revising them if you think they are incorrect.

I've noticed Nerf prices can fluctuate like the inflation rates of a banana Republic.

Ive seen lawbringers for 16 quid one day, 35 the next !

My view on britnerf prices is this, i could probably sell stuff on ebay for more, so some times I do , however the stuff I sell here I kind of treat as selling to my mates, ive had plenty good deals on here where folk have helped me out so I trg to do the same back if I can.

I'll admit, pricing is a fine art, because theres a feeling that its britnerf and we should have each others back. Ebay prices are often a little higher than other second hand places like gumtree and shpock.

25 for a longshot is more than i'd pay. My two have both been in bundles for 25 in total.
6 for a strongarm is about the highest i'd pay.
I've no idea how much a quick 16 goes for, but a couple of people on discord say that well over the odds.
Furyfires are a dime a dozen on second hand sites, and are almost a throw away item, only really good for kids, I'd not pay more than 4 for one
Argos had rotofury's new for 18 the other week, and I picked mine up on ebay for 15. In fairness, few sites seem to be selling them at the moment, but i'd price that at 20
Stryfes are effectively 15 new
I'd pay 10 for a rampage, but not a raider
I paid 12 for a new EAT, original ones are not worth much, other than for barrel material
5x5s were 4 at home bargains. presuming you got them during that deal, i'd sell them at that.

Strong arms are 2 for 13 most places now that the Disruptor is due out
Welsh Mullet

I've reduced the prices a little, and I'll be hanging on to the 5x5s. My optimism was born of the fact this money is going towards my new PC fund. A man can dream!

I might know someone who wants the Q16. I'll let you know.

UKNerfWar wrote:
I might know someone who wants the Q16. I'll let you know.

Thanks for the heads up Kev I am very interested please can you PM me your Paypal and I'm Happy to pay postage Smile
Welsh Mullet

All this stuff bar the quick 16 is still going, I've drop the prices as I'm now slightly less desperate for the money for a new GPU. Images (though not of all the items) can be found here:

I'll get the rest of the pictures taken shortly. I can also throw in a jolt free for the first person who spends over 20 Razz or perhaps a tiny bag of sweets with each order, that seems to work well for some people!

I'll take a 5x5 or two if they're going?
Welsh Mullet

I've had an offer for all the 5x5s, I should have marked them as crossed out already... sorry Sad

I didnt think my luck was that good, no worries

OTOH that vest will sell for 20-25 all day on ebay, if you can find a couple of 6 clips and some darts for it.
Welsh Mullet

Magnus is back on the table
The Blue Demon

Are the raider and alpha trooper still up for grabs?

I will take the magnus please
Welsh Mullet

The Blue Demon, alphas have gone (Sorry, should have updated that) the raider is still around, and i've added a rampage, if that's the sort of thing you're looking for.

nerfshack, happy to sell it to you, please pm me and we can sort out p&p
The Blue Demon

The Raider seems good. I wouldn't mind the drtum with it too. How much for both?
Welsh Mullet

Not selling the 35 drums right now Blue Dragon. You can have the raider, but a warning that it's an n-strike blaster, just want to check you know that it won't perform great by modern standards.

EDIT: Adding new items, feel free to throw me any and all offers at this point

I'll take the recon mark 2 blaster only.

Assume you or someone from bb can bring it along to BoB ('cos I'll be there Smile ).

I'll pm for payment details.

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