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UK Foam

WTS Assortment (Updated 21/05/17)

Lots of 18 mags including: opaque orange, rapidstrike clear, Chinese clear and half oquage/translucent.
2x 5x5 with Gen 1 Gavin-Fuzzy 8 shot cylinders (need new seals) 16ea
2x Gen 2 Gavin-Fuzzy 8 shot cylinders 14 ea
Blue Apollo 12
Yellow raider stock but no buffer tube
BSUK Blue Rapidstrike 180 and 180 pusher motor covers 4
Modified Cross Bolt 10
Blue Dart Tag Hyperfire 3
In box sonic fire strongarm 10
Sonic-Fire Barrel Break 5
Nerf double down 6
2 x Recon Barrel 4ea
2x OMW 5kg N-trike spring (Recon etc) 4 ea
2 x OMW metal spring plate 2ea
Firestrike Shell (limited internals) 1
All the six clips 1.50 ea


I tidied your posts into one for you and unlocked it so people can ask questions.

UK Foam

Thanks Old-Noob! Learnt my mistake!

pm sent

What would postage be to northern ohio in the united states?

If you want American Nerf sales, Reddit has a sub called r/nerfexchange that has lots of stuff. There is also, which has many magazines for sale. Both of these will be much cheaper than buying from us in the U.K.!
Welsh Mullet

Is the rapidstrike and kit still available?
UK Foam

Updated with new content!

What do you want for the 5x5?

There's no price next to the Rayven. Am I to understand that it's sold or do you have a price in mind for it?
UK Foam

This post has been updated as I've sold a few things at Bristol Blast and post other items too!
There are also a few new items too!

How many and how much for the 18 dart rapidstrike mags?
UK Foam

I've got 3 rapidstrike mags and 2 clear ebay mags which are almost the same.
Anyway 8 for each of the rapidstrike ones and 4 for the ebay ones.

I'll take the three rapidstrike ones. Can I get them off you at BB10 or 11? Save postage etc.. Also would gladly take that doubledown off your hands after watching your video Very Happy I have a spare spring lying round begging for use!

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