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WTD - bits of stryfes, demolishers, flymos

OK so, I bought up some job lots of wonky blasters on ebay, they all came without battery doors. I figure there might be some spares on here from where people have scrapped a blaster or fitted expander trays or similiar so... Anyone got any...

Demolisher battery doors
Rapid Red battery doors
Hailfire battery trays and handles

Ultimately once I get my printer going again I can produce replacements but OE is better I think!



I know some people were interested in items in there, I want to keep most of them but if I can help anyone out give me a shout (as noted all are missing the battery doors and also the flymos are missing their handles so will take some effort to get the rotation mech going again).


Sales threads merged. It's generally recommended to merge multiple WTB/WTS into one large thread as per Trading Forum Rules anyway but since both threads were about the same job lots it seemed to make even more sense to clump them together in this case.


The Dark Kitten

I have a demolisher bat door
PM me

I'll take an RS off yor hand if you lose the will to fix it....

YGM kitten. Sorry Franksie, I missed the bundle with the rapidstrikes in, I ended up only getting one. I'm sorted for demolishers for life though  Laughing

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