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WTB: Sledgefire shells

I've got a Sledgefire inbound for my partner's birthday present, and was hoping to pick up some extra shells for it, ideally another 3-6 if possible. If anyone has any going cheap that'd be much appreciated.

Alternatively, if anyone knows of a good vendor online, feel free to PM me a link. I'd prefer to support the local Nerf community if possible, but also want to make sure I get some of these in time for early December.

Hang on , let me check what i have left.

yeah ive 6 brand new official hasbro ones left .
I was selling them at 7 quid a pack of 3 plus p&p as I got absolutely destroyed on  tax when i ordered these

But ive changed my play style and im not really running this blaster at the moment.

If you want the 6 how does 15 quid sound includes postage.
The Dark Kitten

Have 3.
One has no dart pegs. Will do 6 + postage

If Treezy doesn't snap them all up, I will take 3 off someone. PM me.

Mine are all gone now, sorry.

Sorry TDK, I've only just seen your post. I'm all sorted now, but it looks like Fox will take them off you

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