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WTB blasterparts alpha trroper kit

A longshot, but does anyone have one they would be willing to sell?
Heres a link to one on Amazon.
UK Foam

I've got the spring for sale if you are interested.

I know its on amazon but the price is crazy. I lost out on one through warehouse deals. Sad which is why im trying here.

I gave aboasterparts hard range kit, it's awful, performed worst of all of the current offerings in testing, the new priming bar is improperly shaped, it doesn't fit against the bolt carrier properly, pulling it out of line. The "guide tube" thing actually makes the catch worse as it doesn't allow the plunger to "dip" as it passes under the catch ramp and the spring is too strong for the stock catch.
If you want the whole useless ensemble it's yours for 8 posted first class. Personally I wouldn't waste even that on it.

That would be great thanks!

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