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WTB about 50 brand new streamlines

I've in a TEST ALL THE DARTS phase now I've got a crono that actually connects to computers, and thought it'd be fun to throw in a set of these... New old stock blasters still crop up from time to time, anyone got any new darts they could sell?

(annoyingly I had 60 from a stampede but I gave them away...)

I think i may have 2 36 dart packs that came with a bundle off eBay ages ago, I'll check it out when I get home from work.

Edit: Sorry I forgot about this yesterday, but I've just checked and found a pack of 36 and a pack of 24 that I can't remember which blaster they came with (maybe the longshot). I got into Nerf after elites came out and had heard that streamlines weren't as good, so I always just put them to one side whenever I got hold of some. There's also a bag of 99 slightly used ones if you want it. 7.50 for just the new ones 10 all in? UK recorded Postage included.

2nd Edit: Hi Northwind, did you receive my PM on Thursday?

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