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Which blaster do I get next?

I currently have a Retaliator and my wife seems to have taken ownership of my Strongarm.

Here's my choices of what to get next:

1. Another Strongarm. It's such a cool blaster and I don't get to use it as it's what my wife uses when we battle each other. Trouble is, I don't think I could bring myself to pay full price for one after picking the last one up for just over 3 quid.

2. Rough Cut. I love the way this blaster looks, and the fact that it's like a real pump action shotgun. But I fear with 2 shots fired at once it's gonna be out of ammo fast, and not that accurate. Something tells me this blaster looks better than it really is.

3. A Stryfe. I want to try out a motorised blaster. Trouble is, the Stryfe is visually the least appealing blaster to me.

4. Rebelle Spylight. My wife is quite taken with the look of this. If I buy her this I can reclaim the Strongarm for myself.

Please tell me your thoughts! My requirements are to use them around the home and I don't intend to do any mods. Thanks.

Roughcut is a fun blaster as it's double shot that would be my home recommendation

Unmodified and to have fun at home, I'd go with the roughcut too out of the options given.

Thanks guys, how easy is the Roughcut to fire single shot, I heard it takes quite a bit of practice

Roughcut is easier to single shoot if you squeeze the trigger with the middle of your finger, using a finger tip will never work. You can also do a simple mod to sand back the catch so there is more definition in shots. Slam firing 8 darts is also fun!

For HvZ it is a great gun, especially with a ammo storage attachment from a barrel break on the top rail.

Another great pistol option if you lost the strongarm to the wife is a hammershot.

Stryfe with a good stock and barrel is nice, on it's own it is just a base. I agree the OJ stryfe is pretty ugly but again it is what you do with it. There are however some locks you need to remove to fire it without jams. The demolisher and original modulus are other similar options.

Rebelle spylight you might get cheap and some people prefer it over the strongarm due to the shell design. Got one for my wife 'for protection' and she loves it.

Buy a Hammershot or Rebelle 5x5, then a Gavinfuzzy 8 shot cylinder, you won't miss your strongarm.

The Stryfe does have the hassle free aspect of semi auto, but it's slow firing and noisy for house warfare; there'll be no sneaking up on someone with that loud and slow flywheel rev up.

Strongarms are good blasters, and with practice you can duel wield them (the little tab on the bottom of the handle can be used to pull back the prime on the other one). The pop-out/flip-in turret is a cool feature to play with, but not as practical as front loading though. Slam fire is useful at times, but the sharp texture on the edges of the priming slide can really chew into your hand after a while.

Though not on your list, the Hammershot is a great blaster, and more practical than the Strongarm. You can prime and fire one handed, and the front loading turret is better than popping out the turret on the Strongarm to reload. This ease of loading makes up for having 1 less shot than the Strongarm, because youíre back in action much quicker once youíre out of darts: assuming youíve not been reloading as you go. Itís also a doddle to mod, if ever you felt like it.

However, get a Roughcut. Hands down the best blaster on your list (and I say this irrespective of my penchant for shotgun styled blasters). It's comfortable to hold, quick and easy to load (no messing about with popping a turret out, and the smart AR system means it doesnít matter what barrels you load: itíll always fire something), has a good range and velocity, and can be slam fired for when you just want to rain down foam. Oh, itís a stupid amount of fun to use too - one of the most enjoyable blasters I've played with.

The two stage fire is tricky and you need to use the crook of your finger on the trigger rather than the fingertip as normal. It's better to think of it as a 4 shot blaster which is more accurate than most because with two darts you're more likely to hit something at least! I have found that some have a more pronounced step in the trigger feel than others, so are slightly easier to single fire, but even then you'll still need the crook of your finger and you won't be doing it easily while in the heat of battle.

I know you said you don't want to mod it, but improving the 2 step firing is a very easy mod: think of it as refining an existing feature, rather than modifying the blaster!

Unscrew the shell and separate the upper half and put it somewhere safe (you can leave all the screws in their ports for safekeeping). At the rear of the big orange plunger tubes is a white catch mechanism that has two vertical posts sticking upwards towards the top of the blaster. One of the posts is shorter than the other. Take a bit of sandpaper and rub down the top of the shorter one, removing 1-2mm of material. You could also use a sharp knife if you're very careful with it. Clean up any sanding debris, screw your upper shell back on, and you're good to go! Repeat as necessary to get the trigger feel you want.

ProTip: avoid trying to prime the blaster when the upper shell is removed. It's tempting to do so to test how it feels, but parts have a habit of slipping out of their housing and flying everywhere when not clamped between both halves of the shell.

Everyone should own a Roughcut.

Roughcuts are a lot of fun - you should own one for home warfare!  Rather than the Strongarm try to find a Disruptor - the new Strongarm thats easier to reload.

I would actually advise a hammershot or Rebelle 5 by 5 - after market cylinders can give them better capacity and they are easy to upgrade to shoot harder

The roughcut's great fun tbh. And the 5x5/sweet revenge is just plain fun.

Buuuut you mentioned the spylight, and it's a total unsung hero. It's got a nicer comfier slide than the strongarm, it's quicker to reload, and it shoots randomly hard- actually one of the most powerful stock blasters I've ever tested. And can be pretty cheap, too.

Thanks for all of your replies.

I went and bought a Roughcut this morning  Smile I was worried they look better than they perform, but from what I'm reading here they're a good blaster.  I prefer the blue version but they only had white and orange.

The reason for looking at the Rebelle Spylight is because it's on offer at the moment at Argos for £6.99 and it looks similar to the Strongarm which my wife has been using.

For £6.99 I would buy it. Rebelle line has the best pistols in the range right now.

Re: Which blaster do I get next?

NerfNoob wrote:
4. Rebelle Spylight. My wife is quite taken with the look of this. If I buy her this I can reclaim the Strongarm for myself.

With them at £6.99 I'd buy 2, one each for you and your wife. The front loading ability and smoother shell and slide makes it better than the Strongarm to me.

I'm now in possession of the Rough Cut and the Rebelle Spy Light!

I don't really fancy the Rebelle myself - perhaps that will change when I see it in action.

Wise choices,
The rough cut is great fun, i love the grip on it. Weirdly mine is so easy to single shot, if your isnt that wee mod sounds the buisness.

Gotta love them 6.99 spylights 😎 the original Disruptor!

I've had a play with the RC tonight.

It's comfortable to use. I don't find the slide too small even though I have largish hands.

I couldn't get single shot to work at first, the trigger is pretty stiff. However, I did notice when you pull the trigger the slide moves back by a tiny amount. If I hold the slide tightly whilst gently pulling the trigger, it fires a single shot. The key (for me at least) seems to be to prevent any movement in the slide whilst half pulling the trigger.

The only other thing I noticed is that it perhaps doesn't seem as powerful as I expected, but when I checked the box it says the range is 20 meters whereas the Strongarm and Retaliator say 27 meters and they do feel like they have a little more punch to them.

My wife is opening the Spylight in the morning so I'll report back after we've had a battle tomorrow Smile

On the Roughcut, there are two holes in the top barrels and 1 hole in each of the 2nd barrels that release air and †bring the top barrels performance in line with the 3rd and 4th rows. †It's not hard to take apart that front section and seal them. †Then the top two rows perform significantly better. †I think when I did it I followed coops guide below.

If you are and need talking through any part of it, †shout, †I've done it myself and because that front section detaches from the more complicated gubbins it's a good noob level mod (I should now.. I'm a good noob level modder lol).

Thanks again all.

I have one more question, this might be an odd one.

The packaging of my rough cut says 20 meters which feels about right as it doesn't have the same kick to it as a 27 meter strongarm.

HOWEVER... I've been Tesco this morning and they have a rough cut, almost exactly the same packaging, but it says 26 meters on the box! The only other difference is the blaster is held in with elastic straps rather than string.

Are there 2 different versions, or is this just a reprint of the packaging where they've changed the alleged range?

Rule #1 of Nerf: ignore any range claim that Hasbro make. They change their alleged maximum range all the time. A Rough Cut is a Rough Cut, it'll shoot 60FPS out of the box pretty much whatever colour. Smile

It's also worth bearing in mind that with the Roughcut there is a complex Smart AR system that means all the darts don't fire at once. This will limit how effective air delivery is to each dart when compared to, for example, an inline plunger delivering air straight to a single dart chamber and dart; as you have in a Strongarm.

By yeah, ignore any range claims on the box for sure.

Yeah, that's why they, ahem, 'Nerf' the top two barrels. As they are in more in line with the plungers the air doesn't have to travel so far or fill as much 'dead space' between the plunger heads and the darts. There's a few other things to improve or change performance (you can file the plunger catches to either make the single shots easier or ensure both fire at the same time, cut out behind the ARs to allow two rows to fire at once, stick more powerful springs in (though, due to the plastic gears this will reduce the life of the blaster), and then a million and one things to improve seals and so on) depends on how far to take it.

Word of caution on the Roughcut.

I've been using roughcuts as mid tier loaners for Grim Up Nerf and Nerf Parties and I find they breat more quickly than blasters such as Rebelle Superstripes/Sweet Revenge and Zombie Strike Hammershot.

I've yet to have a hammer primed revolver die. Four out of the five Rough Cuts I owned a few weeks ago weren't functional! Obviously, they get a lot more use and abuse than general household and personal use blasters, but just thought I'd share.

Well I had a battle tonight, the Spylight is great, just like the Strongarm but easier to prime and possibly more accurate.

The Rough Cut is OK - there's something satisfying about hitting someone in the back with a double shot as they scurry away. It's also a quiet blaster compared to my others which means I can use it late at night  - is this normal?

Finally, the RC I saw with the 26 meter packaging had a different SKU to my 20 meter one, although the blaster looked identical. So I'm right in saying this is a packaging update, not a blaster update?

Thanks for the heads up Justajolt, I'll be keeping the receipt for 12 months just in case!

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