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Where do people buy their batteries?

Was wondering if people had recommendations for sites / shops for batteries?

My usual supplier has ceased trading. I was wondering if people had tried and trusted sources. Apologies if this has been asked previously!


Moved to Q&A and New members as it is a question. -SSGT



There are many, many different types of battery but I'm going to assume you mean LiPos.

As much as I prefer giving my money to small, local businesses, Hobbyking is my go-to shop for Lithium batteries. The savings you make on there are too good to ignore.

The only IMR seller worth anything on Ebay is Torchy the Battery Boy, been around ages, only sells decent stuff.
Lipo- Hobbyking.
Tattu Lipo- or their Amazon shop. DO NOT buy any Lipo off Ebay.

OldNoob wrote:
DO NOT buy any Lipo off Ebay.

I can't stress this enough. The number of people I've had bait and switch or B grades supplied is too many to count. HobbyKing might have shite customer service but based on 3 years of custom, I've only ever encountered one dodgy LiPo come from them out of literally hundreds. Smile

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