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What to do with a problem like LiPo?

There's a lot more to the story that I intend to put in a PSA post but for now..

My 3s LiPo at Storage charge has suffered a short of potentially a few seconds though I believe it may have been 0.5 secs before some cheap 24awg wire on a prewired JST burnt itself and desoldered it's connection at the JST plug.

The question is,  what to do with the Lipo?
It's brand new (which I am not bothered about throwing away,  just giving context)
Doesn't show any signs of 'puffiness' or anything.

Here's a pic:

Should it go in the bin?
Does anything need happen to it before it goes in the bin?
Is there anything I can do to test it?

Here's where it's spending the night..


Check the cell voltage if it's not puffing. It's probably still fine. Short circuit for half a second or so isn't going to be a problem. Smile

It will be fine, no sign of swelling? As Boff has noted check the cell voltages individually, either through the balance lead with a multi meter or use the charger. If it's low or one cell is lower than the other balance charge it to full then discharge it on the charger to storage voltage.

Hello and I hope the below links help you out  Smile .

For disposal:

For general care and best general Lipo use advice:

Already had both of these pages bookmarked as I drive Traxxas Electric RC cars using Lipo batteries.

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