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What's Your Favourite Heavy?

I'm using the term "heavy" to define any large capacity full auto blaster that is supplied with some form of stand.

So, thanks to some cheap random job lots I've got hold of a Rhino Fire and a Havok fire. I'd like to get hold of a Stampede nice and cheap to complete the set, and I've got my eye on 3 options come pay day.

But what's YOUR favourite of the 3? What pros and cons have you found with each? What are the mod potentials that you've had fun and success with?

So far the Havok wins for me on looks and it's slightly more friendly to carry about than the Rhino. However, the power is seriously lacking, it "only" takes 25 darts at a time, and the belt, while looking awesome, takes an age to reload. It does however have a manual fire option, but that again is seriously limited in power.

The Rhino doesn't look that cool, has a surprisingly low RoF, seems to be prone to jams, and is cumbersome to carry about. However, 50 dart capacity and mag compatibility make it the more "sensible choice".

Or should I just look at getting a Hyperfire/Mastodon and mount it on a tripod base for maximum foam spraying fun?

Does the hyper fire even fit your original criteria (or the Mastodon for that matter?).

Going on the user smiles to darts fired ratio from last GuN the Mastodon wins hands down.

Havock with two belts put together a 5kg spring and a 9.6v battery, looks that intimidate and a noise unlike anything else, downside is poor range and the time it takes to refill an empty belt, but 100rounds should hold down a corridor or stairwell for a while.

I would class the hyperfire as the "terrible blaster no-one would ever use".

I say the masterdon. It is by far the most heavy like blaster of the lot, it even uses heavier darts!

I answered Mastodon as it's the only one I would use on your list.  You forgot Rapidstrike though which is what I would have picked if it was there

Ive went for the Stampy, still in the process of moding one so I'll let you know how it works out.
The Dark Kitten

Well. Can't beat a bit of bit of Belt fed automatic fire power.
Although it may not be the most powerful but combined with a bit of nostalgia it is a pretty fun blaster.
If you've seen enough Jolt then you will know these hunk of yellow plastic have some....some worth

TBH I like 'em all, though the rhino is my least favourite of the bunch, just because of its awkwardness. Just got my Mastodon today  Cool  And it is too cool, I love it. But it doesn't have the rattle of the belt on the vulcan, or quite as good sound and fury as my stampede.

I think the Rhinos only makes sense if you're going to integrate two or more, synch the timing to either only be firing one at a time or two on opposite sides,  put a massive cross hair target on top,  and mount it on a turret that requires you to turn wheels in order for it to move..  Like with these mods...

...wait a minute....

EDIT: can't work out where to put the 'l'  to thumbnail them so broke the pic links.

TBH I like the hyperfire as I own a modified version myself and used for the first time at GuN 11 and it surprised quite a few opponents, which I think is testament that a average blaster with some careful mods can really surprise lol.

Yeah, tbh I totally understand why people dislike the hype, it's pretty flawed. But I just like shooting it more than my rapidstrikes.
daniel k

Mastodon is probably the best, but the rapid strike is superior to all of them. still not better than a 40 mag pyragon though!

It has to be the havok/vulcan for me.  The 'problem' of 25 round belts doesn't exist for me as I use 90 round belts (the length is a holdover from the initial rules for greencloaks), reloading is also not a problem as I have 4 of these belts (and a few leftover sections).  Sure the rate of fire and range suck compared to modern blasters but the ability to put long duration fire on a target is what I am after from a 'high capacity' blaster.

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