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What's your Christmas gift?

I like surfing on the internet. There are 15 days left until 25,December. I found this semiconductor   distributor have a Christmas Shopping activity.

What's your opinion? What kind of gift do you think it is?
Have any one know about this ?

Is it a virus?! I bet it's a virus.

EDIT: Apologies,  it's a morning near xmas,  I haven't yet ingested any Caffeine, and I'm at the height of my cynicism. Probably sound,  but I won't be going through a link posted in bad English by someone who this is their only post... And I haven't got a $1000..  And this makes me sad.

Overlooking the potentially spammy quality of the post, Kynix is a very reputable distributor based in Hong Kong but they only accept bulk orders. Not really relevant for our needs.

I had some personalized mugs for the whole family - family photos with personalized names.  It looks like this...


Yearly, I just give cash to my nephews and nieces. To my sisters and brothers, I'm used to giving them a basket of groceries during Christmas. For friends and other relatives. I give them  cakes and pastries.

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