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What's the BigShock like compared to a Jolt?

I asked recently about the Mega Cycloneshock and was disappointed to learn that the UK variants are all grey trigger.

I've now turned my attention to the BigShock instead which is grey trigger worldwide (since I have some darts I need to return to Tesco and could swap them for one of these blasters).

I know everyone says it's a Jolt that fires mega darts, but I wondered how true that comparison is.  I've searched for reviews or YouTube videos that compare the two together and there isn't much available to base an opinion on.  One review said the BigShock is inaccurate (can't fire through a doorway at 8 meters away without hitting the frame/wall) and the range is inconsistent.  Other reviews say it's OK.

I'm happy with the Jolt given its size.  Is the BigShock the same, or significantly worse?

It's a new month so of course I am looking for a new blaster, and the BigShock wouldn't cost me anything once I return the darts  Smile

All Nerf blasters are inaccurate...

The bigshock is a great way to get started on mega, and can be modded to fire elites or rivals. It's effectively a shell around a big jolt, same style prime etc. Spring upgrades are possible, mine has the rare BSUK roughcut spring in it for a still usable prime, but a Jazzo Sazzo roughcut spring should work as well.

Main downside to it is the AR is a bit picky about darts, and one of my 2 regular pops them out

In comparison? - its a Jolt that fires Mega... If you want a single shot Mega its great, if you want something fun to fire Mega its great. But don't expect cycloneshock performance

blindgeekuk wrote:
All Nerf blasters are inaccurate...

Thanks for your reply.  When I say "inaccurate" I suppose I mean is it less accurate than a Jolt.  I'm fairly sure a Jolt could fly straight enough to go through a doorway 8 meters away.  I heard the BigShock is very haphazard.  If performance and accuracy between the two is about the same then I'm almost ready to pull the trigger on getting one, otherwise I would probably leave it.

EDIT: Another question - how far do the darts have to fly to make the whistling/screaming noise?  I want to scare my opponents with the sound, but I'm wondering whether with indoor use they'll travel far enough to make the sound. Thanks.

It's like a jolt that fires big darts.
Mega darts are much less precise than regular size darts, their weight distribution is not as good and they are made of much more easily damaged foam as well as having a larger X sectional area. This makes most mega much less use for shooting at targets further than 10ft away. You don't use mega to be a precision sniper!
Most front loading blasters are under barrelled fir the size of the plundpger tube, which never helps. If you want a jolt that is precise, simply use a better dart. A Stacked waffle tip would provide a good medium weight dart with better flight characteristics and even a decent Koosh will out perform any elite dart.
The whistling noise can happen anytime the dart tip is angled right, so is impossible to predict.

NerfNoob wrote:
I'm wondering whether with indoor use they'll travel far enough to make the sound. Thanks.

I picked one up the other day and it doesn't need to travel far to get whistling from the darts. However, I've noticed that with Mega darts it's more a case of they need to reach above a certain velocity to whistle, as opposed to go a certain distance.

Disabling the AR to fire Rivals can be tricky. You're either having to put a piece of tubing inside the barrel to depress the AR without restricting airflow, or go in from under the AR via the plunger tube with a long screwdriver to bend the prongs of the AR so it sticks open. You can always get a nice long drill bit and chew it out, or try punch it out with a screwdriver and hammer.

As for upgrading the spring, I found that the plunger head on mine is riveted in place, rather than held in with a screw. Sealing on the plunger head is pretty good as standard, but a bit of extra lube never hurts. I may get round to cutting the rivet off, upgrading to a monster spring, and then fitting a screw to hold the head in place.

As for firing performance of Rivals, it's not great. You'll struggle to get 25ft out of it when aimed flat, and FPS is loooow. There's some variance depending on the rounds used (Hasbro Vs Hardball Vs unbranded softies) and how far you push the round into the barrel. It'll probably do as a final shot when your blaster has jammed/out of ammo and a zombie is closing in fast, but that's probably it. Firing Mega darts is a slightly more pleasant experience than Rivals, but yeah, it's essentially just a Mega Jolt, so does everything a Jolt does, as well as a Jolt does.

I like my megas re-barrelled.

Hits 104fps with almost every shot.

Every time you rebarrel a mega blaster for .50 darts, a unicorn dies- fact.

Ha ha 😂
But in its place a legend is born! A fifty cal mega legend.

Rab will have 3 of my Bigshocks on his bench soon - can't wait as the re-barrelled is great fun!

Thanks for the feedback everyone.

I will consider this as my next blaster, unless something else catches my eye in the meantime.

Those worker barrel convertors can be seapped in orvout so you can go back to megas if you want to.

OldNoob wrote:
Every time you rebarrel a mega blaster for .50 darts, a unicorn dies- fact.

I tell kids that about comma splicing and using apostrophes incorrectly! Only it's a puppy in a little girl's arms. And it explodes. I do the sound effects for them.

I can vouch for the Worker barrels in the Cyclone shock. They work well, come back out and do what they need to.

Thanks for the feedback everyone.  I'm now in possession of the BigShock, and I'm not disappointed!

Accuracy and power seem good.  The darts don't seem to whistle though?  It feels good in the hand though, more comfortable than a Jolt due to its slightly larger size.

Looks like I'm gonna have to invest in a pack of mega darts now...

EDIT: It was just one dart that didn't whistle due to the holes having excesses plastic - Now I've trimmed this away it whistles!!

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