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What's on your Santa list?

Following on from the dart zone post, I just wondered whats on everyones christmas wish list?

Ive already sorted  santa out and given him a hand,  theres a magnum superdrum and double dealer put by for me, so he doesn't need to go to the bother.

My girl's looking for the rebelle corner sight and even the wee one wants her own blaster now.

So whats on your wish list folks?

Im getting a lipo setup and overwatch (pc game)

I'm getting a load of BSUK tach gear, and some Malifaux minitures.

Can't wait for the big man in red to arrive.

Hi Santa,

I've been really,  really good this year and I would like:

... I did want a Rapidstrike also and so got one from an eBay seller I was collecting from anyway, but then my Mrs got all angry at me and said I wasn't getting any presents and that I wasn't supposed to buy myself anything at the end of November. Can't think what all that was about.. I didn't know there were any rules about buying yourself stuff you really wanted, and had said so,  at the end of Nov Smile

I'm getting a Zeus and some mags

Ha!  That was a genuine wish list.  Probably getting nowt now I bought the RS she'd ordered. Tried to say I'd like two but she wasn't having it.

I'm hoping for a Mastodon.  I've been really good this year and dropped more than enough, not so subtle, hints. 😀

Treated myself to a rebelle charmed Fair Fortune crossbow just because I want to paint it Very Happy and I have a Stratobow put by for my son, don't tell him shhh.

Boring as this may sound. I want a pack of Accustrike darts to try with my modded Rampage.

Really to want see how accurate they actually are  Very Happy .

I've confirmed that I'll be getting a brand new, in box, Rhino Fire. Not just because it represents everything I look for in a Nerf gun (Big, cumbersome, lots of bullets .etc)...

...but because a long while ago, I used someone else's just for a little while when we had a Nerf war in Dartmouth. It's the blaster that inspired me to get into nerfing in the first place, so I feel I gotta own one just out of respect for that memory Very Happy

REALLY looking forward to using it after Christmas.

My xmas list is simple, a venue that's big enough and cheap enough to do wars  in

Beyond that, I'd like Santa to bring me some rivals stuff, and a rhinofire

I'm getting a lump of coal for Christmas because I've bought too much Nerf stuff in the last two months

Nobody I know is going to get me any, giving addicts what they want isn't a good idea  Laughing So I shall just buy it myself.
The Dark Kitten

I'm in agreeance with Sparky i have spent WAY to much money.
Oh well.
I can hope pray and dream but in reality i will not get that lovely mosfet kit with blades.

Gavinfuzzy pump grip and a 5kg spring.
daniel k

Artifact stuff, brass, hellcats,a 65c lipo, and worker rotofury inserts.

I would like a Slingfire for Christmas. And that's about it Nerf wide. I really want to have a play around with a cosmetic mod for one of these, but can't decide if I want to go for a shotgun look, or a more traditional rifle look (probably the latter).

Other than that, some more time and motivation to complete all my various projects would be nice

My Santa list contains one very simple thing: 2 weeks off with full access to the printers and sewing machines to create whatever the fuck I want for the new year. Very Happy



Really? Was that really a constructive and useful post? This isn't the first time you've posted at this level. Consider this your first warning so you can go make some effort to put some thought into posting before you click the 'submit' button and make some quality posts. -Boff


I've got a Zeus off my parents and a load of rival mags.  Also got Gavinfuzzys HIRricane kit with the BSUK wiring kit inbound too.  The intention is to go full rival for a war some time this year

some bicycle related items of warm and waterproof clothing and a battery charger for IMRs (Nerf and bike lights)

all my actual Nerf gear gets delivered to work and straight into the shed under the wife's radar.. Embarassed

My mates missus binned all his Nerf gear when they moved house!

I'd have binned her!

I don't want much for Christmas but a winning lottery ticket would be nice,  then I'd have all the time and money to create all the weird and wonderful projects floating around in my head.

Franksie wrote:
 The intention is to go full rival for a war some time this year

That I would like to see  Very Happy I got my appolo working thanks to your tip off for the cheap rival mags and I can't believe how much fun it is, my first time shooting a rival blaster, I'm tempted to pick up the new artimis when it hits.
Welsh Mullet

Just a tac vest and dump pouch on my list. Two things I was sorely lacking at BB. Though I'll probably look into motors and lipos at some point in the new year.

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