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What's Going On?

You may have noticed that we've moved some stuff around in the forum, specifically on the main page.

We're just tidying the place up a bit. Removing old stickies, archiving old topics, moving some of the forums around a bit. Hopefully it will make things a bit neater.

Also, look out for a new section to the forum coming soon.

You know shit is going down when there's 3 Admins and a Moderator logged in all at the same time... Very Happy

I just can't figure out what has gone.....good work though guys!

I like a good tidy up, nice work.

Good job! I should do the same with the box of projects on my kitchen surfaces...

You murdered the darts and barrels section! At least it looks really tidy and it's in alphabetical order now.

Dustybin wrote:
it's in alphabetical order now.

What alphabet are you using?! Razz

We archived darts and barrels so it's still searchable for you so the information isn't lost. It'll show up in searches and what nots. And rest assured the truly important content has been saved...

Well, it almost is, the top made me think it was in alphabetical order with announcements at the top.

Another sub-forum that doesn't mark read when the parent forum does. Sigh.

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