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What kind of modder are you?

So, I was just thinking as I continue to fit my two Stryfe extended battery trays to my Modulus, because I can, and I realised that far from the performance focused modder I thought I would be when started this hobby I have veered off course.
Rather than being most preoccupied with eking out every bit of additional FPS or RoF out of something compact and practical I'm looking at Hyperfire's and thinking..  'That's a little understated..  Could do with a Triad or four' or Rapidstrikes and thinking 'Bet I could masterkey two vagabonds onto that'.
Yep,  I've been tempted by the dark side of BFG ridiculous mega integrations and that's what I'll be spending my money and time on and it got me thinking about how although we must all like different parts of the hobby we come on here to learn from the community get exposed to all flavours of nerfdom but what is your flavour? What kind of modder are you?

If you don't see yourself in any combination (it's multiple choice, knock yourself out!) of these tell us, I've only been around for a couple of months I have to have missed some aspects.

To put it simply, all of the above. The only possible exception is 'performance junkie'. I'm not generally interested in statistics unless there is a specific engineering challenge to overcome.

I like a challenge so I choose projects that will push the problem solving part of my brain. Part of my job at work is finding a £1 solution to a £100 problem and that's something I've always excelled at. I like to bring that into my Nerf projects because the simplest answer is always the best.

There's so much to learn about each part of the hobby if you want to and I like learning so i lean in that direction also but I know that given finite time and infinite funds I'd be spending that time slapping random configurations of blasters together with all the performance mods and parts, in ways I haven't seen before and that please me, so I went for Performance Junkie and Integration Overkill.

There was supposed to be another category, TechnicallyCorrect that described wanting to understand all the underlying knowledge of the different parts of the hobby so that you can understand why one way is better than another and come up with your own better/different solutions to the challenges the giants whose shoulders we stand on have solved... But I hadn't posted the category when I posted the post (doh).

I love that saying BTW,  £1 solution to a £100 problem,  I imagine a detective in a film noir saying it...
"I walked in the joint looking for a $1 solution to $100 problem'
'She walked in and I could see right away she was going to be a $100 problem and all I had was $1 solutions.. '

Multiple ticks above Smile

I simply like to do things I haven't done before... due to Nerf I've painted blasters, used a soldering iron, simple electronics with buttons and LED's, gold leafing, dremeling, and currently a bit of Python programming.

Due to working on a computer all day, Nerf is what I do to do something in the real world, something with my hands.

- it's also cheaper than Lego Smile

Haha TBR, brilliant!

I'm exactly the same! My job is in front of screens all day and I was playing computer games all night. Mrs said I should get a hobby and she'd already claimed Lego!

I also like to try new things in the sense that i'll try one particular method and keep tinkering until I get to a standard that i'm happy with, that's probably why I have multiples of the same blasters all with different levels of mods than the previous until I get to my ultimate (That i'm happy with and feel can'tbe improved on realisticly).
But I also love buying and building Technic Lego but now have no more roomfor anymore models lol, I am a mature parent/adult realy honestly I am!!!

I'm slowing chipping away at my Modulus build,  I'd wanted to get it really top tier from the off and try and do something pretty impressive for my first build but having read more and more and writing with all youse  on here I've realised that there's a lot more I can do with it so I have an ideas for a stage 2 Mod mod (V2),  whether that ends up in a separate blaster or I upgrade what I'm making at the moment I'm not sure yet.

Legos cool,  and if you try hard enough you can make it practical lol. My Mrs started buying it in as something 'we could do together' but when I started to make stuff for the Batman cityscape I'd find my stuff cannibalised for parts lololololol. Women!... And their Lego!

EDIT: Interesting.. The Sleepers are in front after an early lead for Performance Junkies.. Clearly going to have to watch myself at wars!

I used to be all about the Lego when I had an attic to build a full city in. Then I split with my ex, moved out, put all the Lego in boxes, and after a year of it being in boxes and realising I was never going to have the space to get it out and set it up again, I sold it all.

I was introduced to Nerf by my LARPing partner as a way to try and get me to join them getting muddy in fields. I think I've come to realise that LARP isn't for me, but bargain hunting Nerf job lots and collecting ALL the blasters is definitely something I'm enjoying.

Modding is fun and a bit of a challenge; figuring out how it works internally, how to change it, and how to make it better. It also reminds me of my Warhammer 40K days; sitting up all night with the smell of solvents, chewing on offcuts of plastic, and spending too long painting things that didn't warrant that much attention.

I think there should be one for the Thinker, the person who lays there at night thinking of all the amazing projects he wishes he could make and all the parts that he needs, but then has to spend days writing a 4000-word essay about something irrelevant to his chosen career path lol Smile

Picked a few options.
I got into modding to give me a competitive advantage over ten year old kids and so I can wreck my mates! 😜

I'm definitely a function first kind of guy, not just performance but also in operation.

I also think im in the efficiency category, max return for effort. But saying that, ive done a few paintjobs now and am half way through a couple of integrations.

Treezy: The fact that you managed to get a city together puts you in the top 1% mate.  I think we only managed a street because of space,  now it's all getting repurchased to be storage rather than sit in storage Smile  I'm hoping to get into LARP in the new year just to get out and try something different.

TanithLord: Ha! I know what you mean. I get ridiculously obsessed with whatever I'm into at a given time and have seriously lost sleep thinking over LEDs. Luckily I kick ass at my job so being half asleep just means I'm more grumpy. So many of these threads or Discord chats end up sounding like Nerfers Anonymous lol

Rab: Yeah I don't expect many people will be drawn to one aspect at least not when they get into the community and see how many parts there are to it and what brilliant ideas there are. In my work life I have my workstation set up Just So, at home the Nerf station is Just So, so you can expect me to have my blasters and rigs just how I want them,  functioning perfect for me..  God..  My rig,  I've not even been able to give it any thought with my focus on the blaster! More sleep starved nights Smile

Kind of none of the above. I'm a bit of a perfectionist but that's not the bit I like, I like chopping up and planning and problem solving. Which is why I have about 20 projects on the go and 1 properly finished mod  Laughing

That's a good one.  Half the questions I end up asking,  on here are for the next 1,2,3 mods. I know exactly what I'm doing for my next one..  Of course I've just removed an RS stock and tried to fix it to my current build and found out it's too wide..  So even the best laid plans throw new challenges..  And I didn't plan this best laid lol

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