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daniel k

what is the best motor/how to fit large LiPo in Rayvens?

Question 1: So, I want to order a bunch of motors (4-6 to be exact - 2 pusher motors, and 2-4 flywheel motors)  And I want to get my best value for money? Im gonna order off of Blastertech, as it has the largest selection of motors. I have a 1000 mAh 25-30c 2S and 3S, and a 3S 2400 mAh 65-130c Ternigy Bolt. I can get pretty much any motor, so  what would you recommend?

Question 2: as it is related, I preferably want to get the larger LiPo into the rayven, so any ideas/suggestions appreciacted, thanks!

Edit: Not only MTB motors, all motors on Blastertech.

If you're set on MTB motors I'd recommend rhinos as hellcats run hot and can warp stock cages (unfortunately found that out when it happened to me mid war) plus you'll have to cut the shell.
If you don't mind going with a different brand oldnoob and uknerfwar have some 2s meishel 2.0 motors which will give better performance than rhinos (both for flywheels and pusher) yet still not require shell cutting. 2s motors will also give you more chance of finding a larger capacity LiPo that will fit in the rayven tray.

I would stay 2s. The advantage with that is the pack is physically smaller. Your choices are then Meishel 2.0, (Blastertech will have these for sale any day) Titan Hyperion (monkee mods) which are a 132 and Blade 180's or XP180's, Blatertech have sweet long shaft XP's but those are hard on current requirements.
I would recommend a tray expander, Jase 3D has the prettiest. You can also go through the back wall of the battery tray to give more length, which enables you to run a 950 Graphene 2s that will meet the current requirements. I would run either Turnigy Graphene or Tattu as opposed to Lihv as both have more choices in size. Tattu don't make 2s packs but have some smaller 3s ones with very nice cells in.
Your other thing is how much power do you really need? The rayven cage is not very good compared to others, as it mounts over the posts not onto them. There is the cage/magazine alingnment to consider as well.
The brutal truth is that over 120fps most full length darts, fired from a stock cage, with toy tolerances, are going to be less accurate than a lower velocity shot from the same set up.
If you are looking for "max power" the Rayven is not the platform for that, it's insufficiently well designed to take the same power as a Stryfe or RS. You won't be able to fit, for example, an affordable metal cage (DRS is the only maker of Rayven metal cages) with precision wheels to keep everything tight. Even if you do the mountings and alignment will offset much of the gains.
Why not settle for a better, more manageable build that can shoot 120 peak all day on FVJ or waffle tips with decent accuracy? This can be achieved with some care and a set of Hooligan flywheels, coupled with any higher torque motors, like Rhinos or Meishel 2`s.
daniel k

I want to run a stryfe aswell, with a rapidstrike and rayven waiting in the wings. I love Rayven shells, and want to have a good one to compete at DSS and other such events.

In a Stryfe you want longshaft Xp180's with metal cage,  (flat not canted) and Hooligan wheels with a tray expander for a better pack. That should shoot 130fps and if built right be very consistent. You will need 1.3g waffles with that. Waffles are better than FVJ  as they compress more easily in the higher crush cages.
I would also recommend picking one primary and properly developing it as opposed to trying to make/use several.

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