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What are your other Interests?

As it says on the Tin List the other things your into...

Modifying Cars - Mainly Japanese and specifically Hondas
Bikes - BMX / Jump Bikes
Skating/Skateboarding - Novice level  - there is an amazing indoor place in  Corby Northamptonshire
Xbox - Gamer tag dabrad89
Tech - Android Army
Photography - After Cars I have spent the most on this Hobby - Olympus OM-D EM10 + 12-50MM F3.5-6.3 Lens
Anime - My Fave is Naruto
Cosplay  / Comicon
Films - Sci Fi / Fantasy Geek
Motorsport - Lewis Hamilton Fan

Im sure there are more so ill prob add to this at some point.

My list is very short. But I shall put it here anyway.

Modelling-mainly for wargames
PC Gaming-because I find it interesting
Halo Lore-Because its hilarious
The Dark Kitten

Right another shorty

Scuba Diving - Its not as expensive as you'd think
Xbox - Lord Rolypoly
Circuit design
A little haberdashery on the side

I just like learning how things work. Thats all there really is to it. Its why I like Nerf, why I like both ends of computers, and why I like taking things apart.

I've had many interests in the past. Warhammer 40K, RC modelling, clay pigeon shooting, rally driving, hiking... But then I got married and had kids.

Now Nerf and masturbation are all I have.

well ive done a cleaver thing this year ive given my better half a calendar of event dates formthe year. She and the kids are welcome to join me so there will be no mixups with double booked dates
super gripper

I race 1/10th off raod RC cars at TORCH, racing a Tamiya trf502x and a trf201 vega;list=LLR3snwyotx98yvnNvfbgPng

Home brewing and ultra running ( though that's taken a bit of a back seat lately, probably due to the brewing 🍺)

Ever tried modding them and making some truly extreme miniature vehicles?

Mountain bikes, for me... There's not a tree in scotland I've not ridden into at speed  Laughing Used to be madly into motorbikes but I came to enjoy the riding less and the modding and tuning more and that just got pretty expensive and futile-feeling, pushbikes aren't actually any cheaper but it's less bad when you ride into a tree.

I've raced at world series level twice, rising to the dizzying heights of 260th out of 270  Laughing That's pretty ****ing elite, no? No? No.

PC gaming (not LOL)
Other gaming, used to actually run a gaming group for TCG and RP etc
Disassembling things/making things
Learning to play new instruments
Oh and reading, if anyone wants a good fantasy read, it's hard to beat Robin Hobb IMHO

Yeah, kind of a nerd
Venus Doctor

I love baking!  In fact I just finished my Chocolate Crinkles!

I love to dabble in all sorts of stuff... mostly the expected:

PS3 (no chance of a PS4 with a moody 3 year old wandering around destroying things) - cant remember my user name, it's been so long since I turned it on
Football - massive Chelsea fan (not my fault, don't blame me)
Reading - all sorts, but love Terry Pratchett, Michael Moorcock, Isaac Asimov
Photography - taken a back seat at the moment - most recent dabble was astrophotography
Programming - this is my job, but I thoroughly enjoy the problem solving aspect of it - explains why I also love taking things apart to see how they work.  Most recently was bought a Raspberry PI as a Christmas present, so am mucking about with that.
Walking - when the weathers dry (doesn't have to be warm) me and the family love to spend the day at our local wetlands reserve.

There's loads of other stuff that's just fallen away, I'm new to Nerf but I can feel already that it's grabbed more than my attention - so I'm in for the long haul Smile

What time inhale left after work and family commitments is spread between Nerf and:

-Rugby , I play occasionally but these days only seem to get time to watch
- Xbox One, mainly playing Forza at the moment but also dabble in COD and Disney Infinity

......and that seems to be what my life has boiled down to. Any other spare time and I might do some exercise!

I'm a pretty big PC gamer. I've also fallen pretty deep into the hole of Magic: The Gathering.

ScoutsIX-3 wrote:
I'm a pretty big PC gamer. I've also fallen pretty deep into the hole of Magic: The Gathering.

I went into my old games shop a wee while back and it was friday night magic, the heady stench of unwashed card player took me right back  Laughing (I see Doomtown got rereleased as an ECG, check it out if you can, the original CCG was incredibly good... I've not played the new version as I don't want to get dragged back into The Life but I gather it's pretty loyal)

Engineering! I have a small Milling machine, a small lathe, and a CNC router/engraver (which i taught myself how to program). Made a few bits and bobs, including some rubber band guns.

Also regularly do Mountain Biking, Snowboarding, Airsoft... Fixing the cars when they break (which is becoming more regular lately).

I have a motorbike which has been off the road a couple of years, really wanna get it back on the road this year!

TommyC wrote:

Excellent. Another metal whittler!

I hoop! Baketball's another of my passions as well as spending time with my family ^_^

Justajolt wrote:
I hoop! Baketball's another of my passions as well as spending time with my family ^_^

Oh damn i forgot to add that!

I play basketball and football each week - Play in a local Bball League aswell

I watched Salaryman Kintaro for the first time a couple of weeks ago! I love anime too, but mostly Studio Ghibli and similar.

UKNerfWar wrote:
Excellent. Another metal whittler!

Yeah, it started at a young age. My first real job was with Manroy Engineering machining parts for Browning .50 HMGs and GPMGs! My centre punch is a sharpened .50 firing pin Very Happy

Forgot to say i do a bit of carpentry too Smile

What kind of whittling have you done/do you do UKNW?

Justajolt wrote:
I watched Salaryman Kintaro for the first time a couple of weeks ago! I love anime too, but mostly Studio Ghibli and similar.

Can't say I've watched Kintaro but the majority of Studio Ghibli films are actually really good. Spirited Away is the one everyone knows but others are well worth watching too. Personally, I'm more a fan of the fantasy films and would reccomend things like Princess Mononoke and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind if you haven't seen them already. Tales from Earthsea was sadly mediocre.

Depending on your tastes, My Neighbour Totoro is highly popular but was just too slow paced for me, while Kiki's Magical Delivery Service had IMO better pacing, despite very little actually happening therein.

More recently, Ponyo was good fun and The Tale of the Princess Kaguya was touching, despite the very simplistic watercolour art style initially putting me off. And The Wind Rises I reccomend to anyone who likes the studio's work as it perfectly captures the essence of Miyazaki's fantasies and beautiful lanscapes while still being one of his wartime period pieces.

As for more episodic anime, One Punch Man is probably the latest big thing, being a comedy pisstake of the fighting genre that requires little to no background knowledge. Other things like Death Parade (bar games with your afterlife at stake), Psychopass (police drama in a computer controlled future) and a whole bunch of things I can't think of right now have also been highly noteworthy in the last year or so.

Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? is also thoroughly enjoyable if you can get past the sexist title (less bad pre-translation) and fanservicey way in which most women seem to throw themselves at the protagonist to enjoy the RPG styled world the series is supposed to be about.

Then there are older things like Nichijou (overblown slice of life comedy), The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Science Fantasy? fixating around a highschool girl who's struggling to come to terms with her insignificance in the universe) and Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-Kun (rom com about a romance manga writer who's completely oblivious) that stick around for good reason too.

I'd also reccomend Angel Beats as a somewhat sad but ultimately uplifting show in which character attachment really shines. Just don't watch the epilogues and bear in mind that the ending was rushed due to not getting the expected second season.
And, if timetravel is your thing, Steins;Gate is almost certainly the top anime of the genre. Just don't go in expecting to understand anything before the end.

But, of course, nobody trusts my judgement because I also love Digimon.

EDIT: Oh, you basketball? Kuroko no Basuke is probably the best sports anime out there.

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