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Upgraded Retaliator priming catch issue

Got round to putting an upgrade spring in my retaliator (which I got 2nd hand about a month ago).

Picked up a 5kg jazzo sazzo one, dropped in on Wednesday night and hit a few problems.
The priming seems significantly harder, feels it's more than doubled to be honest but the real issue is that it's much harder to 'catch' and I'm jamming almost every 3rd dart when it just misses the catch.

I've had it open about 8 times since, checked nothing else has shifted, put the original spring back in (it worked fine again) and out again. I've tried pulling the other locks out to attempt to double up the catch spring but that only seems to have made it worse, it's wasn't catching any better but jamming even more.

Not sure if I need to be trying to pickup the OMW Stage 1 kit just for the catch spring or what.

Anyone got any clever ideas?

You need to shave the ribs inside the stock block, on both shell halves. Many retaliators seem to have insufficient clearance there for the thicker coils of a mod spring. It's 3 vertical and one horizontal rib, right by the catch and inside the stock block, shave about 1-1.5mm off each rib.
It is nothing to do with the catch spring strength. Also if you ever need a catch scoring aŁ1 pack of mixed compression springs will usually yield either a direct replacement or one that can be cut to length. The only blaster that always needs a catch spring upgrade is the EAT. Rest are fine up to 10kg.

Ribs marked in this picture.

7kg orange mod works is probably the best spring for performance/minimal faff compared to the others i've tried.

Nerf Turf 10 kg needed those ribs taking out - and also eventually broke the supports that hold the plunger tube from repeated impacts.

Thank for the advice on this, it took awhile but it worked.
In the end I had to shave a good 3-4mm and put a slight slope on the ribs off despite the new spring only being a fraction wider.
I still have to be quite firm with the prime to ensure it catches but that'll come with a bit more practise.

Next thing to do is to extend the priming stroke a bit, your plunger head could be damaged or slightly short. The easiest thing to do is to remove the + shaped ribs from inside the plunger head then put a 2mm plastic insert in with DEVCON, then stick a rubber buffer pad to that, 3mm thick is ideal. I have a left over bit you could have. That allows much less effort to go into the prime and makes catching super smooth. My 7kg S3 retal runs a stock catch spring!
BSUK 5kg fits much better.

OldNoob wrote:
Next thing to do is to extend the priming stroke a bit, your plunger head could be damaged or slightly short.....

Just checking my understanding here (busy headspace day today) but would this mean:
    filling the deadspace on the plunger so it pushes more air
    giving the bolt a better, flatter and compressable surface to push against, protecting the plunger
    slightly increasing the distance between the bolt and plunger allowing for the bolt to push more against the plunger when priming thus helping to push it into the catch

It doesn't push any more air, removing the + removes a weak spot in the plunger, it does as you have worked out, ever so slightly increase the distance the bolt is able to push back the catch. If that doesn't sort it, bin the Sazzo spring and use the BSUK one.

I'll go check my adhesives and bits, see if I can get this done Sunday.
I've think I've got a fair bit of rubber left from making washers.

OldNoob wrote:
...If that doesn't sort it, bin the Sazzo spring and use the BSUK one.

But, but, but, then I'll just have to order those mirandas and, and, and!
Yeah, that'll get real expensive very quickly!

I've had about 6 sazzo springs now and, for the price, they've been pretty good. It's just been this retaliator that's struggled, the same one in my rampage works a charm.

Rampage is slightly different internally. It's all about the compressed length.

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