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Unofficial Discord Mod Swap 2017 - Sign Ups

So we're an active lot over on Discord doing our thing, chatting shit and occasionally we come up with an idea. Having seen the Bobololo and Mag212 Mod Swap, we got talking and figured we could do it better. Now, before I go any further I should stress this is not a BritNerf sponsored thing (hence it's in Off Topic) and it has nothing to do with the A&M staff.

I will, however, open the invite to people here on the forum. There's no pressure to be involved but it seemed like a great way to exchange mods between people and have a whole bunch drop at once. Plus, if Bobo can do then BritNerf can do it better. Very Happy Those of you that don't get involved in the swap can grab some popcorn and generally look at the shinies as they emerge.

With a double digit number of people already involved, this will look more like Nerf Secret Santa but in February through to June. The rules are copied below and the link to the sign up form is at the bottom of this post. Please read them all in full if you want to partake.


> You will be matched with a random person and are expected to produce a blaster that's in keeping with that person - maybe something to compliment their play style or perhaps something to challenge them to try something different
> Blasters need to be safe to use by the end user so that means appropriately rated parts, no sharp edges etc.
> Closing date is 30th of June, you MUST post by this date. If unexpected circumstances arise and you have to pull out then PM Boff on BritNerf AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. It doesn't matter what the reason is, just let me know if you can't hold up your end and we can make arrangements to ensure there's no disappointment
> Keep your project to yourself before sending it off, let the recipient do the reveal
> When you receive your thing, post either on Discord or the BritNerf thread (depending if it exists yet)
> This is a peer to peer arrangement, you enter it at your own risk - please bear this in mind
> Budget is 30 but more is at the exchanger's discretion
> Do a little bit of detective work to work out what your partner would like to receive, beyond just the Nerfing pet hates
> When sending be sure to include a little note covering what you've done and maybe a little on why you think they'll like it
> Sign ups close at 2359GMT 28th February 2017
> Expect to receive your partner by 3rd March

I should reiterate that this is, like the Trading Forum, between private individuals (in this case BritNerf Discord users). All Trading forum rules apply and this is NOT SANCTIONED BY THE BRITNERF A&M STAFF.

I will also reiterate that any problems come to me, do not contact your partner directly other than to send your parcel. I will make sure to arbitrate any disputes.

A note on the Blind Address feature:
I've opted to offer the option of not giving out your address to random people on the internet. If you'd feel more comfortable (and if you're under the age of 18 I strongly advise it) then you can opt for your match to send the package to me and then I'll send it on for you. Just tick the box on the sign up form.

The sign up form is here. Sign ups close at 2359 28th February 2017. All mods must be in the post by 30th June 2017.

Questions or clarifications can be posted below. Smile

In! Really, really looking forward to this. Really.
Making for someone else has opened up the possibilities of what I can mod for me.  So for me personally I have a host of electric mods lined up but making for someone else may mean that the best blaster for them may be a Rival or a Springer (gasp) mods that aren't on the horizon for me for a long time and I may never of considered.
Really great idea and I can't wait to see who I'm paired with.

This is awsome been meaning to ask about something similar with in britnerf. Doing it with another forum only make out hobby stand out more. Signed up and looking forward to it

Signed up. This is going to be a hoot.

Kabump! General reminder that sign ups close in just over 24 hours for this. I derped and thought it was this evening that I was rolling the dice. Turns out it's not, it's tomorrow. Sign up form is here.


Sign ups now closed! Thanks to all participants. You should have a forum or Discord PM detailing your match. I think I described them as partners in the PMs but it's a match because it's not a direct swap with an individual. Very Happy For clarity's sake, every sign up was assigned a number and I went down the list rolling a D20 and matching that way.

Best of luck, folks.


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