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UK suppliers for offset waffles and those z-shaped tips?

I asked about the stacked waffles before but still looking, and now there's a new kid on the block too... All for my big dart test, I've got almost every dart in common circulation logged but these 2 have escaped me.

So it's this waffle, that Oldnoob calls "offset" because the vertical lines are alternated, like bricks in the wall:

And NOT this one

(you can see the gap halfway up- I already have this type)

And also the "Z" dart which looks a lot like an x-tip but with a different head

Any help much appreciated (and once again thanks to everyone that's helped out so far! Nearly there!

Like those Z tips- I think those need to be "Zulus, thousands okf em."

They hurt my eyes.

(not in the normal way that Nerf darts hurt your eyes. Though probably that too)

       BRIT NERF Forum Index -> Q&A and New members
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