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The Britnerf Facebook Page

Hey guys,

Since we have all started to become a more social bunch, Scouts and I thought it was about time we dusted off the old Britnerf Facebook Page.

Whilst it'd be nice to keep a lot of content on the forum, the FB page might be a better place to discuss some lighter issues, share ideas and just generally get to know eachother.

We won't go imposing rules on the page, we're just interested to see how it gets used. If it just becomes a chatter box that'd be great as we all need to get to know eachother a little better so we can start organising some more wars.

So go on. Head on over to the Britnerf Facebook Page and like it. We'll have a good old chat and see what happens.

Scouts and I are already there, we'd love to meet you all.

As with everything about Britnerf, we are influenced by you guys. Let us know how we can do it better and we will endevour to enhance the Britnerf experience. Let us know what you think.

Thanks for helping out with the Facebook page! Smile I've been swamped with school work lately!

Is it not possible to have a chat bar on this forum so online members could chat ?

*cough* IRC Channel *cough*

I'm looking into it.

I will start a poll even though I already know what the result will be. The main thing I worry about is that the content on the forum may suffer as a result.

That's also one of my worries. While it is great for members to be able to communicate in real time, those communications and any insights embedded in them are not readily available to visitors and are not permanently saved in an easily accessible location, i.e. the forum.

This is on my mind too. We will have to think of a way round it. As much as I want to take the community forward, I don't want it to be to the detriment of the forum.

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