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I never thought this forum would expand into something as big and significant as it has today. Believe it or nor I was a Nerf obsessed 14 year old who wanted to bring together a community. I know I've had little to do with this forum over the past few years. But I'd like to give a big thanks to everyone involved in making it what it is today!

Whooo Nerf obsessed teenagers.

rob.payne5236 wrote:
whooo Nerf obsessed teenagers with really poor grammar.

Fixed that for you. Please, in future, make an effort to use correct capitalisation and spelling in meaningful posts that contribute something. Thanks. Smile

On topic, you're welcome BNWnerf. The British community are an awesome (if slightly insance) bunch who really punch above their weight in the NIC. With UKNW, FDS, BSUK and other UK based projects, we're a real thing for such a small community. It's wonderful to be a part of and there is much more on the horizon for us.

Oh and on an unrelated noted, my blog's 3 years old today! It's only 2 months younger than BritNerf itself by my maths!

Sorry my shift key tends stick every now and then.

Any plans for a comeback? Thanks for setting it up. It's soaked up endless hours of creative output (and pointless toss!) of mine for the last year.

Thanks BNW.

I'm glad that although you've moved on, you still stick your head round the door from time to time. It means a lot. I hope that when you get bored one day, you'll pick up a blaster and fall in love with the hobby all over again.

Until then, you can count on us to keep the place clean and tidy.

That really means a lot to me mate. The thought has crossed my mind, but due to other commitments, i have neither the time nor the money to put into such a hobby. If the time comes when im able to, believe me, ill be back with a vengeance!! But all joking aside, thanks again for everything you've all done. But a big thanks goes out to UKNerfWar and all the Mods and Admin team for putting the time that i never had into the forum. It wouldn't be what it was today without all you guys!
One more thanks goes out to ScoutsIX3 whom has been here since pretty much day one and has always stayed loyal to the forum and has overseen its growth. Anyway, thanks again everyone. couldn't of done it without you Smile

I'm only a new joiner but it's great to have this forum so thanks for starting it. I've already picked up loads of advice that will help me run my events so I really appreciate it.  Smile

It's been my pleasure my friend! Thanks for having faith in me and making me a mod when you barely knew me! Best of luck in whichever activities you pursue!

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