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Test the rainbow of koosh flavours...

In a fit of science, I got a selection of all 7 of the current koosh 3 colours to try as I've not seen any real comparisons, just lots of assumptions seemingly based on older models. This is just a very quick first comment, as I've got more testing to do and none of the data's in very usable format but in short, yellow is probably best. Blue worked best in a stock springer, but average in a 180 stryfe, yellow was best in the stryfe by a clear margin and a very close second in the stock springer.

They're all decent though- not much variation in thickness at all (and doesn't seem to relate directly to performance) , the forest greens frequently seem to have a little excess glue but nothing like the gen 2 koosh. There's actually a fair bit of length variation, most are longer than elite and probably no coincidence that 4 out of 5 of the best darts in the stryfe, are measurably longest... (this causes some weird feel with some clip springers but no obvious problems)

More to follow but I reckon it'll be a couple of weeks before I have presentable, quality data.

Average weights, average diameters, average lengths would be good, preferably off the micrometer. Tip and foam weights off a sample of 10 of each colour might be helpful too as it shows any foam density inequality. Any with less dense foam are automatically going to be better for weight distribution.

Anecdotally all the ones we fired at the first grim up Nerf event were yellow and they worked well in every blaster we tried them in.

Lengths and thickness I have, though to be fair measuring squishy things with verniers is a wee bit of an inexact science  Laughing I'll add that tomorrow, the notes are at work.

Weights, within the limits of my 1g scales are indistinguishable, all 11g for 10. The foam feel's very consistent too. I'm going to rashly assume that all the tips are the same for now, til I have some worn darts to sacrifice. (they've disobligingly refused to fall apart so far)

I want to add a stock stryfe and a strong springer- that'll probably bide til I get my oznerfnerd LS finished though. And probably up the sample size as it's only 20 for these first 2, a wee bit small.

Oh, accuracy- I've no practical way to measure this but I can't distinguish any pattern of accuracy over 15 feet or so, they all seem broadly the same. That's probably the limit of what I can say, on that subject.

∆∆∆ for accuracy can you fix the blasters to something and aim at a target?

There's ways to do it but tbh I'm happy with "all pretty much the same, don't stress about it" for these purposes.

Sizes for you ON- the lengths are averages of 5 at random but they're pretty consistent across the packs (within colour). The thicknesses are for 10, no packaging, no compression but there's a lot of room for error there, best I can do.

Greatest variation in width is only .16mm.


Blue 130.76
Apple 130.5
Flesh 130
Yellow 129.94
ELITE 129.55
Green 129.33
Grey 129.22
Black 129.2
Rubbish G1 yellow 127.17

Length (foam only, easier to meaure accurately)

Apple 69
Yellow 67.44
Flesh 67.44
Black 67.2
Grey 65.62
Green 65.4
Blue 64.64

What kind of variance did you find on length? I'm just looking at the 10 yellow gen 3 I have loaded in a stockade i'm trying to fix, and the difference between longest and shortest is probably 4 to 5mm

I only kept the averages but not as much as that- visible variations but only just, maybe .5mm +/-. I'm not sure if the dimensions are really very useful though. I'm not measuring 500 darts to get a better dataset  Laughing

Foam consistency certainly looks better on these than precious ones. Its the width thats most important for power making. Thanks for taking the time to do those. 130mm seems a bit big for width, are the decimal places in the right spot?

That's for 10. I've entrusted endusers with the job of dividing by 10.

I raised the sample sizes up to 30 last night and it's not really changed the overall; blue performed better but still second to yellow, then a bit of a gap to the others. I guess I'll do an IMR stryfe next but I'll probably not do any data wrangling til monday (because moving numbers around in excel looks like work, I can do it in the office)

Oh aye, quality controlThe forest green had noticably more excess glue than any of the others- not as much as a gen 2 koosh though and it still performed decently. And black and grey both had a couple of bad darts; they fire fine but repeatably about 20% below their average. That might just be luck but since neither colour performs especially well anyway even without those darts hurting their averages it's maybe a moot point.

Oh and every dart outperformed elite (even the rubbish gen 1 yellows I threw in for lolz were on par with elites). The variation from best (yellow) to worst (grey) is under 10% so if you really like a particular colour, they're all usable.

Where, perchance, may I peruse the rainbow of Koosh flavours?

Please don't say eBay... far too many bad experiences.  Unless you can vouch for the seller  Very Happy

Unfortunately it is eBay but if you stick to beautifulwoman2012 or yutoys (although the latter only offers blue or yellow) you can't go far wrong. They've been pretty much the sole sellers since Koosh gen1 (there have been the odd other sellers popping up recently but those are the two known-good suppliers).

If you only want blue and still don't want to use eBay BSUK offer 10 packs which cost a little more per dart but will get to you sooner.

Thanks for the info SSGT, that's my evening sorted Very Happy

...and now my arms are ruined and I'm half deaf from 270 shots of my oznerfnerd 1337 longshot. Numbers to follow but I'm a wee bit concerned as this thing nibbles darts a bit and I suspect that might undermine the data a little. OTOH it's a level playing field. I'll probably drop some outliers from this dataset.

Aside; every dart's now been fired 8 times- twice through the stock recon, 4 times through the 180 stryfe and twice through the longshot. Not a single total failure (except for a no-fault jam), no loose heads, some loss of shape but they're all still in decent usable condition. Happy with that.

Quick question... The final test will be an IMR, stock stryfe just to see how they do in a low power flywheeler. But how many shots can I reasonably do on fresh IMRs before I need to take it into account in testing? They're efest 700mahs, I could go fully obsessive and recharge after every set but that'll slow things right down...

Northwind wrote:
I'll probably drop some outliers from this dataset.

Could you publish the full data before you do your analysis and elect to drop any shots from the dataset? Having the full population means we can turn better statistical tests on it. We can also use alternative methods of selecting outliers to drop to see if that has any effect. Smile

Northwind wrote:
But how many shots can I reasonably do on fresh IMRs before I need to take it into account in testing?

Just log the before and after voltage of the battery when you do each test. It's all we do for our tests - it saves charging time as you'd expect. If we need to replicate then we can just discharge a set of IMRs to that voltage level on that brand and run the test. Smile

No worries- I'm not going to do anything very clever with the data so your experience could well bring up a result I'll miss, it'd be very welcome.

I've felt all the way through that there's some underperforming darts and that's kind of conflicting me... Because they could be 1 in 100 bad darts. Or, they could be 1 in 30. So perhaps it's fair to leave them in as if one colour's prone to bad darts, that's relevant. Or perhaps not. Now, as the darts age I think it's similiar- maybe these are just unlucky darts that have picked up exceptional damage, or maybe some of the foams are more susceptible than others, one is relevant for performance and the other not. TBF the longer I go, the less reliable it's all going to get so I think maybe those first 2 test might be the most valuable, I guess we'll see (I'll worry less if these results continue the same trends, which I suspect they more or less do)

Were there any babygiraffe2006 UK seller darts in the test ?;ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

I used those here without incident. They're a perfectly good dart, they just resell the Yutoys and BW2012 variants in the UK. Smile

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