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Switch in diodes

Hi all,  

The next build after the Modulus and Fearless Fire is going to be a Rapidstrike bullpup.  Although this is awhile off I've found that it is most frustrating when I had to stop work due to lack of the correct parts and as such I've started 'feeling out' RS circuits and getting ideas about what spin I want to have on them. As such I'll likely be firing a load of specific RS questions over the next month or so I can plan the build and get the correct components.  Flywheel circuit is sorted (I already have a BSUK HiPo kit with Hellcats and a DRS cage) so it'll all about the pusher circuit.  It will be a 3S build.


What specs do I need to consider if I wanted to put in a diode chain to bring down a HoneyBadger pusher motor?
.. And will a halving of voltage add up to a halving of RPMs?

I've found the RGP30 tends to work pretty well. If you're looking to control RoF then you're better off going with something like a Hellcat or Rhino because while the HB is great for pissing ammo everywhere at 3S, there have been a lot of reported stability problems and the like. We only recommend you use diodes for 2.1V (so three in series) at most for space considerations (among other things).

And yes, there is a roughly linear relationship between RPM and RoF. I say roughly because as has been noted, there are some problems with the RS yoke that mean that, in theory a HB should kick out 20dps compared to 14dps actual. SSGT is likely more able to explain why than me.

Don't use the honeybadger, they are horrible. Use a third Hellcat, much better and superb cycle control.

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