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Superheavy Gear?

Heyo all, I was reading blindgeekuk's post on how to be a veteran and I've noticed that, for someone who's been nerfing for nearly two years, I've missed one important aspect of nerfing in general: gearing up (I don't even have a holster for my Cycloneshock!!)

As of now, I usually use a heavy winter coat which has a lot of pockets on it, and as such I can fit a plentiful number of magazines and drums init... at least, in theory. In reality, this is a whole lot more difficult: the magazines in my pockets tend to restrict my movement (which doesn't help at all considering I have severe dyspraxia), and the heavy lining coat makes me overheat. Not efficient or healthy at all, as one might imagine.

As such, I've decided to do something about it, and actually get a rig with dump pouches, magazine and drum holders, the works. However, I need to go a little beyond a standard rig due to my playing style. I like playing the heavy - and a really heavy heavy at that. The Havok-Fire, Stampede, Rhino-Fire... the big guns (the smallest primary I own is the Demolisher, and even then I've physically made it bigger!), you name it, I use it. As such, a normal rig won't suffice.

What I'm looking for is a rig that can do a number of things:

1. Can carry HUGE amounts of ammunition.

I made a vow a long time ago that as a heavy, I would not to carry any magazine lower than a 18 on my person. As such, I have a LOT of 18's. I also need space for at least 4 25 dart drums as well, for my Rhino-Fire. I don't use 35 dart drums... thank goodness for that. Finally, I also have a unique "54" magazine which is basically three 18 magazines stuck together. It's about the same size as a 35 drum. Finally, being dyspraxic, I'd prefer it if it didn't restrict my movement too much, but I realize I can't have everything, so if it does restrict me a bit, I don't mind too much.

In short, I need a rig that allows me to carry 4 25 drums and as many 18 mags in addition to that, whilst restricting my movement too much (but I can made compromises).

2. Has the ability to secure a Stampede, or rather a Swarmpede (at the very least!) on my back.

I intend to make a fully modded Swarmpede in the near future (I'm already half way there), and I think my heart is set on having that as my 'main weapon', I need a rig that allows me to secure one of those hulks onto my back. Don't worry, I have the raw physical power to achieve such a feat, I won't do my back out or anything!

3. Places to attach slings to.

When I Nerf, due to the aforementioned coat, I am usually restricted to using only one primary, and no secondary. In reality, I want to main three blasters at a time: One secondary pistol (usually a Cycloneshock), one primary (a Swarmpede), but I also want to actively use a heavy support weapon, like a Mastodon or a Rhino-Fire, for example. For this, I'll need places on my upper body to attack slings too, so I can lug these hulks around until I'm done with them: I'll then switch to the Swarmpede. One could argue with all the ammo and firepower I would be packing, I would not need a pistol, let alone a Cycloneshock. My counterargument is this: I find it more fun this way Smile Plus, it doesn't hurt to have a extra weapon on hand in case one of your comrades runs out of bullets, right?

3. A holster, and space for one or two dump pouches.

Nothing special here. Standard stuff. Way hey Very Happy

One final note: don't worry too much about cost. The joys of part time work let me move around the pound a bit... although I would appreciate if the set up wasn't too expensive... if you know what I mean! I'm also ok with buying multiple things from different sources, if that's an issue for anyone.

I'm asking you lot because you all know a lot more about this sort of thing than I do. I've only been lurking for the past few years, and it's only recently that I've stepped out of the shadows - you naturally have more savvy than I do.

I hope that any of the responses to this question will also help not just myself, but other people who also want to carry around tons of ordnance on their person Razz

P.S I wasn't sure if this belongs in this forum or the Trading forum. If I've made a mistake, tell me about it, and we'll work it out.

Happy to let you test drive any of my rigs at a game.
Despite minion and I having them, rigs are not a must for our games, since you are never far from the big pile of blasters!
Same rules apply for mega heavy as the rest of us, start with mag holders then build from there until you are ready to buy a bespoke vest. For your size BSUK one will be best as they can tailor it to fit you.

I did a Hyperfire loadout a while back which carried 200 odd darts. I classed that as heavy!

Right, super heavy load out is as follows:

BSUK MkI MOLLE Assault Vest (comes with 4 built in 18 round mag holders)
4 x MOLLE mounted Triple Mirandas (holds a total of 12 magazines)
QR Sling for holding your blaster in situ or on your back. You could get a second one and use it in a one point configuration at your side to accomdate two large primary size blasters on you at once.

Set that up across the front to start with and you've already got 16 box magazines front and centre for a total of 288 darts ready to roll. The sling loops on the Assault Vest will allow you to thread your sling in and hold it in place.

Next phase involves putting 2 Small Zip Dump pouches below the Miranda stacks on your belt for holding loose darts, you'll probably fit another 200 or so darts in those pouches total. Then take another 2 SZDPs and put them on the MOLLE vest under your arms as low down as you can. These two can be for either loose darts or supporting kit like your lunch, keys and other what nots.

Next stage is 2 Large Zip Dump Pouches mounted at the bottom of the vest so they hang off over the belt. These will hold 2 25 round drums each easily and probably 400-600 darts each depending on what you're putting in them. If you're loading them with loose darts then use them to keep the forward SZDPs topped up by transferring fistfuls whenever you've got time. Obviously these pouches will also cater for your 54 magazine.

Now at this point, you're carrying more fire power than most Nerfers will use in their life times but I figure we can go one better. With the load out above, you can still sprint from a standing start because your legs are free. If you're looking for super, super heavy then you want one triple drop-leg Miranda for a further 3 magazines and then either a drop-leg holster for your side arm or another Large Zip Dump pouch but this time in drop-leg configuration.

Add a water carrier on your belt at around the 4 or 8 o'clock position to round things off. The great thing about this set up is that it's very centred on the vest. You can remove it between rounds to cool off and only be left with a couple of dump pouches and your water carrier on your belt.

Load out total: 1000+ rounds split between loose, 19+ 18 dart box magazines, 2 x 25 drums

In all honesty it seems like you need a trolley to push all that stuff around with you! I'm not sure how that could fit into most Nerf wars, but it'd be cool to have a little 4 wheel tea-trolley with a Rhino/Havok mounted on top, and loads of mags hanging off the side of it. Not ideal for outdoor rounds (unless you can fit some chunky buggy tyres), or anywhere with stairs, but if your aim/role is going to be a low moving firepower base, then creating a sort of "tank" that moves around could be fun.

You could also armour the tank so that it provides mobile cover for you/other players, and have it so that any player on your team can drive/fire it, but if they're tagged then the tank goes down too; until someone else steps in to drive it - even the enemy team!.Sounds like a whole game type in itself!

If you wanted a quicker and simpler fix, have you thought about stripping the lining and insulation from your coat to make it lighter and cooler? If it's a longer coat, are you able to trim the bottom from it so it's only waist/bum length, rather than being mid-thigh (I'm guessing from your description it's going to be fairly long)? Remove the arms from said coat too, or make long slits down from the armpits to aid ventilation and movement.

Cargo/Combat trousers usually have some big knee pockets that you may be able to get a few mags in - though 18s may be a bit too long and flop about a bit. Maybe a strap around your upper calf, just below the knee, with some Velcro on it would hold a Velcro-backed 18 mag down the length of you calf. Same could be done with a forearm: make a Velcro gauntlet/wraparound sleeve, and pin a few Velcro-backed mags to it. Similarly, a Velcro belt/bandolier can be used to attach mags to your upper body. I did see a dude on YouTube who just wore a t-shirt covered in 4" Velcro squares front and back, so he could just chuck mags on him wherever in the heat of the moment.

Other than that, I think Boff has probably got you covered with his suggestions.

A whole load of responses!

Treezy wrote:
In all honesty it seems like you need a trolley to push all that stuff around with you!

That would be a pretty awesome idea. I don't know where I'd get a trolley from, but a Nerf tank? That sounds awesome! However, I don't know how if it'd work at my group in particular. At Foam Warfare Alliance, the area we play in has corridors - I'm not sure if it'd fit through those, and it may stop people from physically coming through, which isn't fun for anyone. Besides, one of our rules is that 'hitting Nerf guns count as hits', as I was reminded when I thought it was a good idea to use a modulus shield. As such, a trolley makes a REALLY easy target. However, if I ould make it work, I would try it out.

And don't worry too much about me not being able to carry it. I may be dyspraxic, but I have a lot of raw physical strength - I can (impractically) one hand a rhino-fire! (plus, being 6'3 doesn't hurt Very Happy)

Oh and on removing the lining from the quote... I also use that coat for university, as it's big and comfortable enough for me to slip on bus!

Boff wrote:
Load out total: 1000+ rounds split between loose, 19+ 18 dart box magazines, 2 x 25 drums

Whoa, that was a lot more than I was bargaining for. That sounds ideal - do you know if'd fit a 6'3 frame? If so, you've answered my prayers man Very Happy Certainly interesting is the fact that I could add/remove stuff from my legs if I wanted more ammo/mobility. This is crucially helpful, considering that I'm dyspraxic. Thanks!

Justajolt wrote:
I did a Hyperfire loadout a while back which carried 200 odd darts. I classed that as heavy!

I shall make a note to try that one day. Haven't tried dual wielding... yet, but the ability to fire as much foam in some general direction is certainly a good argument for me to try it!

OldNoob wrote:
Happy to let you test drive any of my rigs at a game.

Thanks man, I'll be sure to try that. I know that the layout of our nerfing area makes it easy to pick up blasters on the fly, but one of the reasons for doing this is that I want to have my blasters on me, no matter where I am in the area. If I'm pinned down in one room, if I've left a blaster in the other, I'm not going to get the chance to use it. I also want to make sure I have a weapon on my person not just for me, but for my teammates as well - there was one time I was attempting to dual wield a stampede and a demolisher. One of your minions ran out of ammo, so I gave him the demolisher, he was back in action, no problem. Finally - and this is the most important reason - I can't keep using my winter coat for this sort of thing, as I kind of need it for the icy days ahead at university, and it's a pain to use in the summer, as one might imagine. So, I thought, why not dive right in and get a rig that'll last me for a long time and is much more effective than a restrictive winter coat that I should be using for staying warm?

Besides, it'd look tacticool Razz

I' also hope that, if your willing, I could talk to you more about this in detail, face to face - I don't want to make any mistakes buying the stuff, you know... which I have in the past (modulus shield, whoops).

Thanks for all the replies all, this is all really useful infomation, in one way or another
Very Happy

Ace little thread this Bishop, love the idea of a rhinofire with back up swarmpede, no point being under gunned 😎
Might be worth looking here,

The winning entry is an absolute mag monster

Rab wrote:
The winning entry is an absolute mag monster

I need a copy of that first entry. In fact, maybe the second one as well! Razz Perhaps something I could look into the future perhaps?

Also, your right about there being no point in being underpowered. I always think that the biggest solution is the best solution!

OP, I'm 6ft so I imagine an extra couple of inches won't be an issue. The vests are made to size so you won't have and issue there. In fact, the taller you are, the better you'll be able to carry so much hardware. Smile

Personally I find British Army PLCE S10 Respirator pouches to be a highly versatile and cost effective option. They will snap on to a belt and I've been able to get 10x 18 dart / 2x 36 / 4x 25 / 200+ loose darts into them, and I find them easier to handle than zip up pouches, especially when quickly swapping between drums.

Black versions are available and they tend to be no more than 15 new and a lot less for good condition surplus.

Ever thought about using a Hailfire loaded with 8x 18 mags, for a total of 144 darts ready to fire. Add 3x triple Miranda pouches filled with 18s, and you'll be carrying 306 darts, without your loadout being overly bulky and cumbersome.

Or use 18 round flip-clip mags in the blaster and you'll have 288 darts ready in the blaster, plus 162 darts in 3x triple Mirandas - 450 darts on tap! You may want to carry a big dump pouch/open top rucksack to drop the bulky flip-clips into when they're empty.

I know not many people like the Hailfire, but surely with motor upgrades and LiPo treatment it could make a worthwhile consideration. Hell, you could probably make it full auto with a bit of work! Sure, it's not the biggest of blasters, but it could certainly fill the role of a heavy support gunner.

Add a pusher box, fet it up, relevant switches in the palm of a glove, work the mag change through a cable with your thumb, x2... Dual wield as fore arm mounted blasters. I thank you.

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