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Summer Camp Nerfing

I just thought i'd share a bit of detail on Grim Up Nerf's most recent appearance, at an education charities summer camp. Run by a friend of Justajolt, the charity provides alternative education to secondary school kids, to ensure that kids who might otherwise fall through the gaps, remain in education.

I've been moving house recently, so when justajolt came to collect the darts, glasses, team ribbons and loaner bag an told me about it, I knew I could take some time out of unpacking to help. It was touch and go due to other arrangements, but on Friday morning, about two hours before I had to jump on a bus we got it all arranged.

We arrived, slightly later than planned (bloody buses! bloody bridges closed to cars!) to find the kids eating their lunch, the adults in full camo gear, and four teams rather than our usual two, with bases hundreds of metres apart in the woods.

We setup, including our new banner (needs pegs!), geared up, had a chat with the leaders, went to find the bases and replanned accordingly. Justajolt detailed plan of multiple game types went out the window, and instead, we did a more detailed safety brief, handed out pistols and darts, and sent the kids off into their teams to practice shooting and getting hit.

Then we went into a four team lockdown/freezetag. At GuN, this gametype has become a fast and brutal one, with some games being over in less than 2 minutes. Here, the 4 teams gave it a different dynamic and there was no clear winner. We played this on the open field of a council park, and I called gameover on the first round after about 15 minutes to allow local dog walkers to pass safely.

For the second round, we did a typical GuN thing and put our own twist on it, this time with Justajolt and myself starting as zombies, with a 3 second stun time. So suddenly, the teams had to worry about each other, and us as zombies. We had a very quick burst of zombie kills, and after a horde of kids starting chasing people down, the team dynamic went out the window, and the adult survivors banded together.

Our next game type was bomb runs. Two games with joined team, and both teams having their own bomb and trying to get it to the opposing base. With a one all score, we put a single bomb out on the field and rather than let the kids get away with continuing running after getting shot, I stepped into the field with my awesome sledgefire. A bit like Bertha, you KNOW if you've been hit by it. With me on the field the bomb changed hands lots of time and went to both ends.

We did a full dart sweep at this point, which after firing probably 2000 out of our magical refilling dart bag (tm), took ages.

Finally, with about 40 minutes left, we did a LONG game of capture the flag in the wood. Can't say I enjoyed this one, due to the terrain and my eyesight, and the fact I never saw anyone, though it was very good with a very 'predator' like feel due to the silence and viewpoints.

The kids left tired and happy, most of the adults said they wanted to come to Grim Up Nerf, and Justajolt and I left knowing we'd made people's day!

Gear wise, I took a reduced loadout, simply the Doominator (with blasterparts spring to get elite style performance) and sledgefire (lasergnomes singled shell, blasterparts spring, hits a very consistent 107fps). Doominator worked as expected, it's kinda annoying that it doesn't auto rotate when slam firing, and the range is nothing special after using decent modded blasters for 8 months of wars! I had this one on a single point sling hung over my back/side which worked really well as it was always to hand, but didn't get in the way when dropped.
The sledgefire never let me down, and to be honest, I could have just taken that and been fine - my blastersmiths UK shotgun holster in drop leg config for this was brilliant, as always, thanks Boff!

Sounds like it was a great day, I've always fancied a game in the woods, I like the sound of it Very Happy

This is awesome! Well done guys!

This is excellent. What a brilliant thing to do and what a positive impact on the community.

Grim up Nerf does it again 😀

Well done chaps, sounds like a fun day out for all concerned!

Nice one guys  Very Happy

I think we should seriously consider woodland games with limited dart supplies as a fun alternative to venued events.

It was a tonne of fun, and would be more so with fully grown Nerfers ^_^

Well done troops
The Dark Kitten

[quote="Justajolt:31925"]I think we should seriously consider woodland games with limited dart supplies as a fun alternative to venued events./quote]
Next ZHoM - Mud, Rain and lost darts...
But seriously good job it nice to get kids unplugged and outside

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