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Starfalcon Tactical

Summer 2017 Commissions (Mainly external)

Hello all, as the younger members on here wil know the long summer holiday is just around the corner meaning plenty of spare time on my part. I am pleased to publicly announce that I am now open to commissions for over this lovely British summer!

I like to feel that, after modding for myself and a few other friends, my skills have reached a level where I am comfortable to do paid work for people. I am most comfortable doing external paint jobs however I have never really ventured into the realm of integrations. However I have completed several basic internal modifications as well and could easilly carry out basic work like lock removal and spring replacement.

If interested, first of all. Thanks!
Second, drop me a reply here to show your interest and I'll discuss the finer details over PM or skype and we can sort out costing etc.

Unfortunately I will have to ask for a fair upfront payment to cover the cost of materials etc. (Not that i'm skint) And as security to ensure that I'm not left out of pocket as i'm sure you could guess.

If I get a lot of requests I will run things first come first seerved and check below to make sure commissions aren't closed. I do not expect to gain much interest due to the vast amount of like-minded people on this forum but just needed to add that in.

Thanks for reading this far if you have, I would love to earn some cash for the summer hols as you could probably expect. (Not trying to sound desperate  Laughing  Embarassed)[/u]

And As you may or may not know, I do have a youtube and instagram presence and a video/post will be put up. I will not disclose any of your information here. If you do not want me to post about your commission then feel free to let me know and everything will be kept private.

Glad to hear it buddy, using the summer holidays to hone them skills.

It might be worth linking to an album of your previous works so people can get an idea of what they're buying. Everybody has a different style.
Starfalcon Tactical

Indeed, for all those interested there are photos of the specific balsters I have done and complete album of my works present on my instagram page.

Some are posted on my youtube channel but as you can guess the videos are a lot more time intensive. something I will be trying to rectify over summer. So you can expect new content over summer! Woop Woop!  Smile

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