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Stryfe Internals Upgrade Help


Looking up upgrading one of my Stryfe blasters over the coming weeks, ive done a bit of digging online and on the forums, but am struggling to find enough information. There are lots of batteries and motors recommended, but some or hard to find to buy, and I am worried about compatibility.

Basically looking for a guide for motor + battery combo with info on where to get them from. Recently watched a Make.Test.Battle vidya on youtube, but as they are Aussies, and its an old vid, some of the parts are tricky to find.

If anyone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it!


You can do a rewire with the stock motors and use a 2S LiPo or swap out and use MTB Rhinos and a 2S or 3S LiPo.  Those are the main two options that don't involve shell cutting

See this post in the Vault for motor and battery combos. BSUK sell everything you need to mod a Stryfe better than the MTB way. See for parts. Rhino motors are on backorder globally.Wiring is the same though, regardless of motor choice. All batteries cone from Hobbyking, lots of recommendations here for chargers and packs, use search.

Awesome thankyou! will Check out the post.

Check out Foam Data Services on you tube. I found his vids immensely helpful in putting together my mod. He's OldNoob on here and will always help out.

EDIT: see!? Lol

Haha, appeared instantly! I appreciate the help! Checking out the youtube channel now!


Ok, think I might be running before I can walk, Im going to go for a rewire and IMR s on standard motors to start, and then depending on confidence/satisfaction with performabce I may make the leap to upgrades. Thanks again guys. Also superb videos OldNoob, very helpful.


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IMR actually costs more than Lipo to buy from scratch. Cells are 7.99 a pair and charger is 15-20 for a system you will stop using the minute you need motors. Wiring is the same for both, I would go with 2s lipo and stock motors with the basic rewire and replace the rev switch optional. Make the motor block plug in then you can upgrade later. If you want a pee made loom for a first build, PM me as a I can make a stryfe MOSFET loom in an hour.


Got to keen on ebay haha, nevermind. I have 2 Stryfes, Can mod them both, one with IMRs and one with lipo pack!

Looking at the Zippy compact range for the pack, am I along the right lines?


Yes, you are looking along the right lines indeed. The following LiPos will be able to provide enough amps to hold anything up to blades. The first one linked is a 2S and will fit into the stock tray. The second is a 3S and will require a battery tray expander to fit.



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