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Welsh Mullet

strfye vs rayven modded, pros and cons?

Evening. I'm looking at kitting out a blaster with 130s and a lipo after getting royally outranged at Bristol Blast 4.

I have both these blasters on hand, though I'm leaning more towards the rayven, as I want to do a few masterkey barrels (roughcut, magnus, some form of air blaster) and this will make the end result a little shorter and easy to handle. But it does make using drums a pain, where as they would work better with the stryfe.

So wise people of BritNerf, what are the ups and down of using either a stryfe or rayven as a base?

Stryfe is simpler to rewire and you get less barrel drag. Easier to get to 130 fps in a stryfe

I get the simplicity and flexibility of the Stryfe,  but the Rayven is so much prettier and being bullpup would make a great platform for modular masterkeys.  Hands up,  I haven't got one..  But I want one. It will be mine,  oh yes,  it will be.

From what I've heard rayvens are also more awkward to reload because of the positioning of the mag and as Frankie said you get more drag from the longer barrel, which as you're looking at not being outranged will make it the poorer choice.

I think ON said that the FPs drop for that barrel was only 5-6 FPs. Worth it. You could go for a Strayven?

I personally can't comment about the Rayven as I don't own one nor have I used one. But the stryfe is a quite simple blaster but with a few choice mods good results can be had. I have personally rhino'd a couple of stryfes with good results and my friend and fellow GuNer has hellcatted his gold carnation and again with good results plus it looks sweet as as it also adorned with a worker vector kit.
You could also at a later date and as financies allow purchase a replica kit from worker as they have many to choose from.


I wouldn't recommend hacking up a rare and expensive blaster for your first integration

Yes, but a stryaven is functiona and good looking. Try a demolisher with an undermounted rapidstrike (demolishstrike)

OP - from experience, I would advise to start small and build up.  A functioning stryfe can be used at all of your wars whilst you work on a more major project.  Integrations take time and are incredibly frustrating at times.  My rapid pistol was nearly defenestrated several times

The rayven has-
* Awful trigger pull
* Bad flywheels for modded use
* poor motor cage
* Smaller battery tray
* Bullpup doesn't confer and advantages in Nerf, it's a fashion/CoD bullshit thing.
* Long faux barrel
* Poor magazine alignment
* It's not expensive.
* It's not rare

The Stryfe has-
* Huge aftermarket parts support
* Short faux barrel
* Best cage design and flywheels stock.
* Mid size battery tray
* Class leading ergonomics
* Very common- every man and his dog has one. This can make them a little "mundane."
* Can be customised easily with huge variety of sticks/barrels/dress up kits
* Wobbly faux barrel can be fixed with a bit of scrap plastic or spacer from BSUK.

I would suggest modding what you like best or find fastest to change mags on, since this is a game primary rather than a cosplay piece.
Welsh Mullet

I guess there's nothing that stops me doing both in the long term. Though there does seen to be more pros for the stryfe, I might give the rayven a shot if just for the slightly shorter length, and the fact that I have an nstrike one that is going unused. Britnerf have a kit that fits both, don't they?

All you need for a Rayven and a stryfe  is  1m each of red, blue and black wire, plus 4 pairs of deans connectors and two microswitches. All can be had off ebay. BSUK only produce a stryfe kit, they do have tray expanders for both which I would recommend if you want a proper size battery.

I have no idea of how good your personal modding skills are but if they are a bit beginner I would go for the Stryfe as an easier and less expensive option. Once complete and your happy with your skill set then do the Rayven. Rayvens are not that cheap now a days and you don't want to bugger it up Smile

- edited for spelling
- edited to add "edited for spelling" as I didn't realise it said a post had been edited. Smile
Welsh Mullet

Damn you're not kidding on the price of rayvens, just had a look and they're mad.

BSUK do a high power loom kit that they cut to the blaster..  I've got one to go in my Modulus.  You just select the blaster:

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