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Stolen Blasters

One of our NERFy brethren on Facebook has had their loadout stolen from their car. Probably just an opportunistic crime and they likely don't know what they've nicked but hopefully one of us will spot the gear if they try to fence it.

2x Hammershots with Blasterparts metal kits and 8 shot barrels.
Strongarm sonic red with OMW kit.
Retaliator (blue) with OWM internals and worker pump kit.
Stryfe with worker flywheels and rhinos, Jase 3ď mag well, custom extended battery tray and Raider stock. Painted orange.
Custom tactical vest with royal blue Miranda pouchs x3 and a 45 degree right hand pistol holster.

Keep an eye out for this stuff when you're trawling t'interwebs.

There not on shpock as of 00:30. You can sort by new listings, i went down from there.

I checked the first few new ebay listings too, no sign.

Makes me sad Sad

Although this is a terrible thing to happen, I am glad to see people in the community are already offering stuff to the poor guy!

Hi chaps, i'm the bloke with the bad luck. This weeks been emotional to say the least. I'm amazed and very grateful for all help given, no matter how small.  I'm genuinely over come with with the support given. Thank you all.

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