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Sticking 25-Dart Drum

Morning All,

Came home last night to the ebay package of magazines I ordered. Did a bench of test fires from them to test them. They all seem to work ok appart form the 25 dart drum. it seems to stick randomly or push up to hard and bend darts as they go into the firing breech.

What would you recomend to use to lube it up in an attempt to fix it?


I made a video about this.
You can take them apart too, but be aware the coil spring that opperrates them is very easily damaged and tricky to put back together. We don't use drums too often at games because they stick. The tighter radius ones like 18 and 25 are particularly tricky and the 25's from the Rhinofire seem to be worse than the Rapage ones in my experience.

Thanks i do prefer the 18's i have easier to use.

I will have a go at cleaning it nothing to loose as this point. Where did you find the silicon lubricant in your video? B&Q?

That is 3 in 1 dry silicone spray. Link. Don't spray it everywhere and be careful not to get it anywhere near anything you might paint later.

cool thanks. Ill see if i can find it local. have a few places near by to try toolstation,screwfix etc


Finally got chance to open it up and lube it up, still sticks like anything think the spring may be shot.

Is there  anywhere you know of that sells replacment springs for Them.


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