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[SPLIT] Why Lithium is still Lithium

my only problem with MTB is that they have to be run on LiPo and I don't have the money to invest in LiPo and my parents probably wouldn't let me


Topic split to keep it on topic. This topic covers why Lithium is still Lithium and the reasons why IMRs are not as cost effective compared to LiPos as you might think. Thanks -Boff


NorthernWarrior wrote:
my only problem with MTB is that they have to be run on LiPo and I don't have the money to invest in LiPo and my parents probably wouldn't let me

The same applies to Falcons, Meishels and Banshees, aswell as pretty much every aftermarket motor - they produce more torque and run at a higher speed so they require more electrical power hence they need a higher output supply.

The inital cost may be significant but the common belief that IMRs are a cheaper option is largely a myth. I did a cost comparison a while ago on reddit that showed that, at best, setting up with IMRs can end up comparable in price to setting up with LiPo. That doesn't take into account the fact that a set of 2-4 IMRs will cost more than a single 2-3S LiPo (meaning the cost of running multiple blasters at once is greater) nor the fact that you can use most pack chargers to charge much more than just lithium chemistries - most will even let you trickle charge a lead-acid car battery (and even IMRs if you make yourself a cylindrical cell adapter). Even if the initial cost of packs was greater than that of IMRs, they'd have to be significantly more expensive before they'd cost more than IMRs In terms of price-to-performance.

Also, as noted by Boff over on the nerfarmourer blog you still have to take care of IMR cells in much the same way as LiPo packs. They may be a "safer" chemistry but that doesn't mean you can mistreat them. If you want something that can take a fair bit of abuse and has little risk of serious failure look towards NiMH packs (which, again, can be charged by most chargers that can charge LiPo packs). Too often we see people spend money on IMRs and a lithium cylindrical cell charger now, only to end up spending the same sort of money on packs and a pack charger further down the line. At least with starting with NiMH packs you only need to buy a new pack and not a new charger if you do decide to move to lithium packs in the future.

If you do want something that can be run on IMRs you're best off sticking with stock motors (ideally fitted with carbon brush packs for longevity). You can, at a pinch, run most aftermarket 130 size motors on a 2S2P setup but that in of itself means modifying the standard battery tray removing one of the main benefits of IMRs (the ability to fall back to using standard alkaline AA cells) whilst retaining most of the negatives (namely keeping the crap, relatively high resistance, low current spring terminals).

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