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SOLD OUT! - Foam Dart Thunder - Edinburgh - Sat 14th May

So I'm working on the video from last Saturday's event, where we pulled in 65 players, and the tickets for the next one go on sale tomorrow night, Wed 27th Apr, at 21:00 as usual. I'm expecting another sellout of 60 plus a few freebies to ref's kids - if anyone new fancies coming along you'll be made very welcome.

Ticket link here:

We're in!
I see half the tickets are away in 4 minutes .

Crazy isn't it mate? Glad you got yours!

56/60 already sold - only 4 left!


Ah the famous Northwind will he show up, i want to see the fearless fire in action 😎

Well it's sold out now so.....

I was going to say "I won't know if I can make it til after it's sold out" but I never thought that'd be today! Good work mate! You're going to need a bigger skatepark

FDT pulled in another 64 players in the massive skate park. Both BigAl and Rab alternated between reffing and playing, I don't have that luxury as yet!

We've started getting more girls along which is great - evens it up a bit, but last night we had the most parents we've ever had at a skate park event - I'm sure it was 8 which is good.

Rab and I were perched on top of a ramp during Domination when one of the Dad's was protecting the timer. A wee kid tried to scale up the ramp in front of him, and the Dad used the riot shield to "convince" the kid to slide backwards down the ramp again! Rab and I just looked at eachother then I told the guy he was sin binned for 5 minutes - we all couldn't stop laughing! I waved him back in after 2 mins though. Spoke to him later and he thoroughly enjoyed it.

We only got through 3 scenarios last night, Lockdown (twice and 1 lockdown was achieved - very rare at the skatepark), 2 rounds of Domination (1 team managed the full 90 seconds Dom) and then a massive HvZ to finish with. For HvZ we changed it up and put all the humans in the middle of the skatepark and let the 7 x Zs start wherever they wanted. Worked much better I think.

We'll go back to Engineer next month. Also fancy using Supply Drop at some point as well.

Back on June 4th for FDT 15 Smile

War vid is up - it's a longer version than normal Smile

Some awesome action in that one!

Love the bit when the dad doesn't make it up the ramp 😅

Awesome video as always.

Must say, my inability to get up a ramp is what puts me off embarrassing myself at a FDT event!

To be honest thats half the fun, and the reason I give to myself why us adults tend to use bigger more powerful blasters, to make up for lack of speed and agility 😁

If you boys ever fancy making the trip, I'm sure we could set something else up with the cubes and a sports hall to make the journey worth your while.

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