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So, rivals then?

Ok, I'd kind of dismissed Rival stuff as not for me.

Wasnt that keen on the blasters looks and price was a bit off putting, plus no cheap ammo. Now some of thats changed.

The pump grip appolo's I saw in action last night were very tasty. Smyths has cheap mags and ammo and thetes after market stuff now too.

So, couple of questions whats the artemis like? Would it fit well with a scavenging game type or would the appolo and a stack load of mags be better.  Or if Im going for the internal mag set up would I be as well waiting for the hoppered nemesis.

Now on the nemesis, anyone reckon its going to be overkill and just wreck games?

Love to hear your opinions


The Artemis performs the same as the apollo just without any of the issues...

I've spent wayyy too much on Apollo you saw last night (and Jays), the pump grip is around 70 and I've got a stainless steel gear in there due to the stock central gear being prone to breaking - that set me back another 20.
And then theres 9 mags at around 7-10 each...

Whilst I can't speak for the longevity of the Atrtemis (as it has a gear made from the same cheese), it'll probably be a better option unless you're desperate to use mags.
Reloading is easy as you just pop the rounds in but I suppose you could get caught with your pants down and your balls in your hand (see what I did there?)

The Nemesis looks like its going to be a beast, but as we all know the range is going to be limited - I suppose it's down to the type of game and area of play that could cause it to 'break' the game.
I wouldn't say its going to be any more effective than a stryfe / rapidstrike etc though, with an extended mag release and a mag in hand you can reload in around a second.

I really like the Atlas. It's not a good blaster at all, but I really like it anyway. I still think the Rival line isn't quite ready to be used as much as OG Nerf, especially if you're using stock Rival stuff.

I'd say that either a stock Artemis or a Zeus with a power mod is probably going to be the best option for most people looking for the best performing Rival with least fuss. And obviously you can upgrade to HIRicane to save the mag loading issues, but then that become pricey.

Out Of Darts' prototype fan fed hopper for the Atlas looks like it could really spice up the Atlas, but you just have to be careful what rounds you use in it to avoid jams. And until the Khaos gets aftermarket mags, it's going to be off most people's lists for war practicality.

Drac's just done a vid on the Artemis, and it doesn't look like there's much opportunity for modding the internals with that one unfortunately.

I think the Nemesis will probably ruin a lot of games, especially those played in close quarters/inside buildings. The fact that you can just top up the hopper while still firing means you could just sit defending a location with a stream of darts that's only limited by how much ammo you bought. Especially if you bugger about with the power source in it too. For outdoors wars where springer darts will have the space for range accuracy, you may stand a better chance of tagging the Nemesis player, but if there's more than one on a team.... game over man, game over.

TLDR: All springer rivals should be left alone bar cosmetics, Khaos has belt feed, Zeus= Rival Stryfe, Nemesis will be good but costly.

I started looking at the price of those pump kits on the drive up the road 😲
That loading mags into the grip is uzi sweet though.

But I think the artemis might suit my play style more though. I'll keep an eye out for it as I'm in no rush and I dont think the price has dropped on it yet.

How does the aftermarket ammo compare with nerfs?

The aftermarket ammo has vastly improved in quality over the past year, I bought some about a year ago and about 25% were unusable but BGUK has had a lot of success with the ones he's bought for Wolfpack

Personally I'm sticking to the official Nerf ones as whilst on sale at 5-6 for 25 the price isn't too bad

Yeah, original and NextX balls are working best so far. NextX are 18 for 110 on promotion at Amazon atm.

We're already seeing them grow in use at WolfPack, about 10% of players had them, and I only expect that to grow.

Mr Cranes apollo is something else, looks awesome, and fires like a beast and it was fun at WolfPack to see players scatter when he dashed forward pumping and firing that thing.

I've got an Atlas with an removed and spring upgraded, 1 shot in 6 still totally sucks, and it still jams like nobodies business ,but it is so terrifyingly loud that people duck anyway. The Artemis keeps calling my name

That said... I'm still not sold on it as a format. It's expensive, and limited, for less money, I can build a stryfe that can fling darts further and faster and harder, while the Rivals balls start floating and are dodgable

Love the Apollo, if only for the fact you put the mags through the grip Smile

Had an Atlas - it sucked ballz (literally).

Mr Crane's (and Jay's) Apollos are the blaster i really want - single shot, controlled rate of fire - much like my pump retal surprisingly enough. But for now i'm holding out for the Nemesis.

Will it wreck games - not really in the CQB environments we play where there is always another angle or way round the person with the blaster.

And it amazes me still how variable the quality of aftermarket rounds can be even in the same batch. You would assume that a machine can be configured to produce the same round with the same consistency but it would appear not Smile As Mr Crane says the originals are still the best.

EDIT: Just purchased some NextX ones to try at Grim up Nerf.

Khaos gets aftermarket mags this month I'm told, and at around $15 US each as well.

Not convinced by the Nemesis is Khaos yet.

I still think there's milage in the Zeus...

Zeus is shorter, more reliable and cheaper. Only the mag change is a bit clunky. With a Hirricane kit it's amazing, for about the same money as a Nemesis.
I am not a fan of the belt feed but the two Nemeses we have at my regular game don't seem to jam a lot, occasionally they miss feed and changing the mags is not as intuitive as it could be. Pouching those big clunky mags is also not as easy as carrying just balls for a Hirricane.

I have to admit, I'm coming round to Rivals. Albeit, very slowly.

Before building a Khaos recently my own experience with Rivals was pretty limited. After the build I was actually pretty impressed and could finally see the potential. The Khaos itself isn't great but the technology is sound.

All we need is a good supply of 3rd party balls and we're there I think.

I'm still concerned that they'll raise the bar too high at games. As more people move over to HIRs, the people running darts will be quickly overwhelmed. Much the same as what happend in the USA when people started rocking homemades. Fortunately our hosts have the skills to level the playing field by fiddling the rules.

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