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Slam Fire Mechs

Is each one different or are their some Hasbro favourites or underlying principles that should make them easy to identify and permanently enable or disable?

In my case I like springer integrations that have no grip or trigger assembly so that they stop being a distinct blaster and more part of the whole, so my interest is more towards being able to permanently enable these mechanisms so the trigger isn't required.

In single DP Elite type applications the slamfire is usually a bar that runs in front of the trigger to just behind the magwell and is only active when the trigger is depressed. In the RC it's different, Gavin makes an excellent little claw shaped part to keep slamfire on, I have a spare one which I can post to you.
On bigger/mega stuff the mechanism can be quite arcane and not obvious. I would post a picture on a case by case basis as all blasters have subtly different mechanisms.

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