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Single trigger flywheel blaster

Hi all,

I've seen a couple of videos (such as this...  
...from that guy from MTB's modcast) where by clever positioning of microswitch wired to be normally on the flywheels can be activated on the trigger pull eliminating the requirement for the rev trigger.  

Can the motors rev up fast enough to effectively do this?

Is there any implication to motor life from constantly revving up and down for each shot?

Would this be more effective for a full auto blaster?

Has anyone used this set up..  Is it effective?

That's oldnoob's vid but it's a common mod with the barricade/stockade. I think you've slightly misunderstood how it works- it's not depending on the flywheels spinning up super-fast, it's a 2-stage trigger. Pulling part way revs it, pulling the rest fires it.

It is, imo, bloody horrible to use compared to a dual trigger, but ymmv. If you have a barricade or stockade, you have all the parts you need- you can rig it with the standard switches as a test setup.

You can have a flywheel setup rev fast enough to not need spin-up time. But it needs a relatively beastly set of motors and pack and generally, doesn't make any sense in a barricade. It's more a side effect of making a really kick-ass flywheeler.

I know who it is Wink

Nah,  I understand how it works,  but at any time you want to fire rapidly with a semi auto blaster you will take the trigger through its whole range and cut the power to the motors for a millisecond,  like ON does at the end. I'm still considering what to do with the grip on my Modulus build,  a lot of the comfy ones (and a lot of the ones I have to hand) are from springers and this trigger system would allow me to use them without having to cut holes,  create rev trigger slides,  etc.  but I don't want to do it if it's going to slow my ROF or wreck the motors.

It won't wreck the motors, mine stays running when you snap fire, but a separate rev trigger is better IMO.

You can, with a clever finger, rev then keep it revved while firing. But in practice I could do that if I was careful, I probably couldn't do it in normal use.

Although i can see how this could be used in blasters imo i prefer to have separate rev and triggers lol.

Personally, I'd like to see what would happen with a reversed pusher assembly that blocks darts when forward, allows them into the system when the trigger is pulled and then pushes them into the flywheels on release. With this and some sort of minor delay system to keep the flywheels on a fraction of a second longer, you could have them spin up on the trigger pull with darts fired on the release. The best bit, though, is the potential for videogame charge shots (hold the trigger for more power).

Ha ha! That would be brilliant.  Stick some big,  heavy flywheels in that take time to be brought up to speed hold the trigger and release your Limit Break Smile

Thanks for everyone's replies. I think I'm going to give a go on a Hyperfire Floamthrower at some stage,  I think I'd just annoy myself on a semi auto but the switch position would be great for doing something else like turning on a torch or a laser.  (Yes,  still apparently that childish,  but..  I mean.. Lasers! C'mon!)

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