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Simple LED setup ?

Hi there, ive been following the motor braking thread but it has my brain zapped.

Im after an LED's  for dummies guide.

Im after two solutions here, I want a power on indicator for my stampede when its switched on and then a few LED's to come on when I pull the rev trigger on another blaster.

Do i just wire them in in parallel with a diode in front to step down the voltage?

Thanks in advance.

The stampede power indicator is in the BSUK kit from the factory, the wiring loom can also be adapted for any kill switch, just use a MOSFET, it's in my original Stampede mod guide, with all the connections, illustrated easily.

You need to wire them with a 460 ohm resistor on the +ve feed from the rev switch to the motors, one resistor for each led or at most a pair of led's, with the -ve wired to the battery -ve.

Thanks ON,
Always there as usual 😊

Much appreciated

I am sure one of the others will be along in a minute with a cleverer solution, those are just what I use. Shout if you get stuck, I keep meaning to do a video on kill switches.

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