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Settlers of Catan and Pokemon card game this evening....

That's how we role in the Justajolt household!

Made even better by homemade cheese filled dough-balls, dips and cookies.

Do like a bit of settlers...

I won a plush psyduck in the uk champs for pokemon, when it first launched  Laughing Got some free decks in a demo, found a rules exploit, steamrollered all the rounds but suddenly had an attack of conscience in the final and threw the game because rules lawyering your way to victory over a 10 year old is probably not cool  Laughing

Settlers is always fun and I'd be interested in trying the cardgame again now I'm old enough to understand it. Magic just made more sense to my 7 year old brain for some reason.

I love the occasional game of settlers, it's a lot of fun!

In our house Ticket to Ride, Forbidden Island, and Takenoko reign supreme, though we have loads... it one reason we love camping or caravaning, it's an excuse to sit around and play board and card games

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