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Scottish 10 note Delights.

Just a wee picture for Just'a'Jolt as we all know he loves a Scottish 10 note Very Happy

daniel k

The title intrigued me.....

not even gonna question the title, EDIT INCOMING

TBH, RBOS and Bank of Scotland brand recognition is way better since they mangled the UK economy, it's miles easier to spend a scottish note south of the border now  Laughing Clydesdale still aren't a real bank though.

Psychology trick- learn how to identify counterfeits/real notes. Then, if someone makes a fuss about accepting your provincial note, show them how to tell it's real. 9/10 times they'll then accept it. Bit weird when you think about it)
daniel k

Thank god for the title change. I got some weird results when I googled that...

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