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RIP Sir Terry Prachett

Can't believe it has happened. Possibly the greatest fantasy author ever .  Sad  Sad

Discworld will live on forever though.

Back in 2004 (I think it was) I was passing through Wincanton while on holiday and came across a Discworld shop, being a fan of the series I HAD to go inside.

Inside was a small shop with Discworld themed products everywhere*, statues on all the walls postage stamps for sale (due to Going Postal recently being released) and a man in the corner swinging around a large metal chain and whacking a wooden lecturn.

It was Terry, and I froze. I'm not really that bothered by people in the public eye really, I have met a few from my time working in a bar in Blackpool but this was different, this was someone I actual cared about, someone I respected and here he was in front of me.

I turned into a giggling schoolgirl, I couldn't speak, I couldn't think.

I managed to pull myself together enough to get a photo, (wearing all my worst clothes) and get a Discworld coaster signed and had a little conversation while purchasing some of the aforementioned stamps. Well I say conversation, I was mostly talked to as I couldn't string a sentance together and I can't remember a single word that was said.

What I do remember was that he was a very nice guy.

*My friend bought me an awesome Wee Free Men statue when I wasn't looking.

Brilliant author who will be sadly missed by many.


We've got a nice fitting tribute to the late Sir Terry planned in the office tomorrow. The printers and sewing machines will thrum to the backdrop of Tony Robinson reading as many Discworld audio books as we can fit into our working day.

To quote someone on my FB feed: "May the desert's long walk not be too taxing, and may the company be as entertaining as you wrote."

For me I loved the complete absurdity of it all , There is one more completed Witches book which is due for release later this year.

And no University will ever be like Unseen University and the Luggage will not come and randomly attack people in real life...

It takes an amazing writer such weird and wonderful characters such as the Igor's and yet make them relatable to everyday things...

Yesterday was Douglas Adams birthday , imagine the books Adams and Prachett could create together , now those would be something very unique to say the least.

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