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Retaliator upgrade advice

Hey guys

I'm in the process of buying parts to built a top end retaliator and I wanted some advice on what to buy

I'm currently stuck between a full length dart firing system or a Stefan firing system

The most important question (which could pretty much make anything I'm about to write below void): would I actually be allowed to use stefans at most games?
(To use GuN as an example, I'm referring to using stefans in the britnerfer games rather than the community ones in the morning)

If so the kits I've been looking at:

- Artifact (my current top choice)
- Xplorer (Does this actually have any advantage over Artifact any more?)
- Worker (cheap but the reviews seem all over the place, i'd be interested in trying it just to see what it's like / review it)

And for the full length darts:

- Orange Mod Works stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3 (the new redesigned stage 3 when it's available)

For the rest of the blaster I'm not too worried, I've already ordered most of those parts as they're pretty straight forward

Thanks for any input!

Nice choice on The Retaliator.

I would personally choose full length dart system. Stefans are not all that popular in the UK as far as I understand it.

I've got an OMW stage 1 and 2 kit in my retaliator plus the OMW 7kg spring.  To be honest,  while the trigger is cool it isn't necessary and the beefy spring responded better to a pump action grip. I have action GavinFuzzy one.

I would recommend not shelling out on OMW and just get a better spring and a pump grip. You should be getting somewhere around 100 fps with that set up if I'm not mistaken.

I'm sure someone else will be on to confirm but blindgeek was saying last week on discord that stefans or cutdown koosh will not be allowed at GuN

Unfortunately I couldn't make it to the discord but that pretty much answers my question, OMW it is then!

At the moment, cut down stefan-like darts are not allowed at GuN.

If enough people started using them, we'll consider it, but given TheDarkKitten is the only other person I know in the UK scene who actively wants to use them, I don't see it changing soon.

Ask Old_Man_Nerf for top end retaliator performance advice, his is a bit of a beast!

I'm pretty interested in using them but it's your call for the events, it's hardly a problem to stick with full lengths  Razz

I'll have to ask him about retaliator stuff on sturday

I may end up getting both systems anyway just so I can have a tinker about with them!
The Dark Kitten

Cut downs are allowed at Zhom, i have personally used the artifact Retal.
It is very very nice, has a few jamming issues but that is the Artifact darts, Zhom is starting a cut down koosh as i am working on an Artifact LS, when zhom starts back up the LS should be finished and you can have a feel for the bits and bobs. Worker do pmag mags for cut downs that are good priced and are nice.

Ohh awesome, I'll have to take a look at that!

Looks like I may be joining you on the Stefan front then, do you actually have your artifact kit yet and if so where did you buy it?
I've been looking at ordering from Zaurk0 in Singapore as he seems to have the most comprehensive range of parts
The Dark Kitten

Have a chat to ON he has a retal kit left and a few magazines.
I got mine directly of him for a total of 35 which included 2 mags so very well priced.
You can go direct to Toabao or
Or ON which is a better bet.
Worker Mags are off ebay -;ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

EDIT - Links updated

If you are going top end then be sure to add in an artifact trigger. Totally unnecessary but so much more aesthetically pleasing Smile

The performance you can get from a full length dart firing system is pretty impressive. My view at the moment is the marginal gains to be had from using stefans would be cancelled out by the limited amount of darts available, especially at GuN.

Happy to chat through what I've done to my blaster. I even have some photos I ought to post but I took most of my inspiration from

I think the trigger is a must! Definitely going with the red one

Would you recommend getting the OMW stage one for the metal trigger catch? I've read in a couple of places that it's not necessary but it'd be nice to have for piece of mind

The OMW zinc alloy catch can cause more problems than it solves - there's often flashing left over from the casting process and even with that removed it can accelerate wear on the catching surface of the piston.

There actually isn't a whole lot wrong with the standard Retaliator catch. It's not poorly designed like the EAT catch (which, in of itself, is simply a slightly modified AT catch) and it's manufactured from delrin/acetal rather than ABS - it can hold pretty much anything you can throw at it as it is.

I'd agree with that assessment. The stock catch is plenty strong enough for some fairly extreme spring loads. Mine is holding up fine with the current spring combination of 7kg + 2.5(?)kg stampede spring.

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